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What Is Warhammer 40K Darktide Console Release Date? (2023)

Waiting for Warhammer 40K Darktide to release on consoles? So are we and this guide will provide you with the speculated release date.

Warhammer 40K Darktide console release date might not be as close as you think. Although the PC version was released back in November 2022, it was met with an underwhelming response and a mountain of complaints. As a result, the release of Xbox Series S|X was pushed back as the developers decided to concentrate on fixing the issues. So when can we realistically expect the game to launch on the console? Our guess is as good as yours since there is no official confirmation. However, there are a few things that you should know.

When will Warhammer 40K Darktide Release on Console?

Warhammer 40K Darktide Console Release Date

The speculated release date for Warhammer 40K Darktide on console should be somewhere around late 2023. Although Fatshark has remained tight-lipped about this, the game is included in the list of games to release on Xbox in 2023 and so there is some hope. Since they want to make the game absolutely proper after an underwhelming launch on PC, late 2023 sounds like the only reasonable release date. However, there is not a sight of any confirmation or announcement coming from Fatshark. Nevertheless, we are hopeful of an announcement anytime soon.

Since the console launch is quite important for the developers, we don’t expect them to hurry it up. Fatshark released an open letter via a tweet on their official Twitter page stating that they decided to delay the console launch and fix the existing issues that are troubling the players.

The tweet was back in January and updates for the PC game have rolled out since. So it’s not long before we can see Warhammer 40000 Darktide in action on Xbox Series S|X.

That’s all we have on the speculated release date of Warhammer 40K Darktide on console. If you have already started Warhammer 40K Darktide on your PC, we recommend you check out our guides right here at Gamer Tweak.

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