How to Get Warframe Xaku Guide – Tips to adds this to your Arsenal

Xaku is the new warframe in the game, a newly added armor with amazing abilities to dominate the battle zone.

Xaxu is a new broken Warframe added recently in the game. Designed by Warframe community if you are looking for more details on this warframe they keep reading. It is a custom warframe shared via a community that brings something new in terms of Warframe concept and ability. Xaku will be having a major impact on the gameplay due to its distinct features and abilities. We will be discussing in detail about Warframe Xaku in this article. It will be your warframe to fight Deimos, Xaku’s abilities revolve around their connection to the Void. It unlocks a 25% chance of evading projectiles, weapon buffs, and even stealing enemy powers.

How to unlock Warframe Xaku?

Go to the market in Warframe and from there you can instantly unlock Xaku Collection. You can buy the entire collection along with its signature Warfram Weapon, Syandana, and Alt-Helmet. Here is a list of all items in the Warframe Xaku Collection.

  1. XAKU – Created from various salvaged odds and ends, Xaku has mastered the power of the Void to terrify and bewilder their adversaries.
  2. XAKU KINTSU ALT HELMET – Xaku cuts a unique profile in this distinctive Helmet assembled from the remains of several other, less fortunate Warframes.
  3. ARTIFEX SYANDANA – This techno-organic Syandana fits over the shoulder, giving your Warframe a unique, spiked silhouette.
  4. QUASSUS WARFAN – Flick away the enemy with this heavy warfan. The Quassas scatters ethereal daggers that are even more deadly accurate when wielded by Xaku.

Warframe Xaku Abilities

Here are details on what are the new Xaku’s abilities. Xaku is different compared to existing Warframes in the game. It is not one single frame, but a different frameset together by the Void. That is why Xaku can utilize different abilities from different pieces of the warframes. Below is the list of all Warframe Xaku Abilities.


Whisper is Xaku’s first ability. It also acts as the warframe’s damage buff. Using this ability unlocks additional void damage buff for Xaku’s primary, secondary, and melee weapon. This will remain active for a short time. Best to use when you are surrounded by multiple enemies, you can increase the damage and kill them fast.

Grasp of Lohk:

Grasp of Lokh is Xaku’s second ability. It allows the warframe to steal weapons from any nearby enemies. When the ability is triggered Xaku shoots a avoid filled with tentacles to disarm nearby enemies. Weapons from them hover around in a short radius, and here is the best part. They will start shooting enemies dealing to avoid damage. Also, the weapons are stronger depending on the enemy type.

The Lost:

The Lost is Xaku’s third ability, it is a kind of combination of three abilities from three warframes. Below is the list of all these three abilities which are merged into this one.

  1. Gaze: Xaku will scream on a target and capture him in tentacles. This will lock the target at one place, the enemy release an aura which reduces the defensive stats of any other enemy who walks into the aura radius.
  2. Deny: Xaku attacks an enemy with a thin beam of avoiding energy. You can just move around your weapon to damage every enemy in the range. It also applies crowd control debuff on enemies which do not die by the attacks.
  3. Accuse: Xaku will create a radius of effect, an area where enemies will be affected by corruption. They will start to attack their allies for a short period.

The Vast Untime

This is Xaku’s Ultimate Ability, the strongest one. If used it initiate massive self-destruction. Pieces of Xaku’s armor will scatter around dealing damage to any enemy in the radius. Xaku will take 75% less damage and this remains until all pieces of Xaku’s armor attaches to him and the warframe is restored.

This was all the Xaku’s abilities, and info on how to unlock this brand new warframe. Stay tuned for more updates on Warframe Heart of Deimos.