Warframe – All Sevagoth Abilities & Skills

Here's a list of all abilities and skills Sevagoth can use in Warframe.

Sevagoth has finally made his back in Warframe with Update 30, which released on April 13, 2021. The new update brings a quest called Call of The Tempestarii, which you will have to complete to acquire the blueprints and a whole host of new abilities to engage with.

Ever since the new Warframe patch out, there are thousands of fans who have been searching for Sevagoth’s abilities and skill and if that’s you then look no further as we have got you covered.

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Here Are All Sevagoth Abilities & Skills In Warframe

Sevagoth is consists of two parts — Corporeal Form and Shadow and each of them carries unique abilities, which we have explained here.


It is a lifesaver. When you get brutally injured, Sevagoth takes on his Shadowform, giving you a new life by collecting the souls of dead enemies.

Sevagoth Abilities

Sevagoth has two sets of abilities. The first four that we have mentioned below will work as normal but when you gain access to his ultimate ability, you will have three more abilities unlocked that he can use in his Shadowform.


  • Sevagoth’s Shadoform has the potential to inflict heavy damage to opponents coming his way. You have an option to control Shadowform while it is in flight by moving your aiming reticle.


  • Sevagoth creates a Shadow wave around him, infecting and dealing damage to surrounding enemies over time. When you reap these opponents, it will lead to an area of effect damage.


  • Similar to Shadow ware, Sevagoth summons a circle of darkness around him, which causes enemies to slow down and siphoned their life-force for the Death Well. Allies present in the wave will get benefited from their lifestyle by dealing with damage.

Exalted Shadow

  • Sevagoth’s Shadow will be released as soon as the Death Well fills. Use the Melee Focused abilities and tear the enemy asunder.

Shadow Abilities


  • Similar to Mag, Shaodowform can be used to pull opponents into a flailing mass.


  • You can use this ability to dash through enemies and rip out their souls to get Shadow healed.

Death’s Harvest

  • Use this ability to cause heavy damage to surrounding enemies with a harrowing condition.


  • Use this ability to reunite Sevagoth and his Shadow.

That’s everything you need to know about Sevagoth’s abilities and skills in Warframe. While you’re here make sure to check out how to get an Epitaph in Warframe right here on Gamer Tweak.