Warframe Guide – How to Sell Items From Your Inventory in Warframe

Kevin Almeida
2 Min Read

Selling items from your inventory in warframe is one of the basic processes, but you need to figure out it first. Clearing all the precious inventory space in Warframe will not only remove your items but also get some extra credits for the gameplay. The clearing inventory process is really easy, all you need to do is follow the below step-by-step guide and unlock it.

How to access your inventory and sell items in Warframe

Step 1: Open Your Menu (aboard your ship)

Simply open your menu and first scroll down to select the ‘Equipment’ tab. From the secondary menu list, look out for the ‘Inventory’ tab.

Step 2: Access Your Inventory

Examine your inventory to select through specific areas like Gears, Warframes, Weapons, etc or pick the whole section. The Price at which the item will be sold is listed below.

Step 3: Selling the Items in Warframe

Certain things in warframe cannot be sold and a notification will pop up for that particular item. Here are the items which cannot be sold from your inventory.

  • Skins, helmets, and most cosmetics
  • Incubator material
  • Almost every resource
  • Derelict keys
  • Some gear like Specters, Apothic blueprints, Squad Restores

Once you have sorted out items to sell, simply press the button at the bottom right and SOLD.

Note: You need to be alert while selling items from your inventory in Warframe. Read the important pointers below before empty your inventory.

From the list of the item which cannot be sold, you can still sell their blueprints. Max Upgraded level items like gears, Frames, weapons should not be sold as they only return you the base level counterparts.

That’s all you need to know on how to sell items from your inventory in Warframe. Check our other guides and tricks for Warframe only on game tweak.