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Tips to Solve Warframe “Network Proxy Detected” Red Message Error

If you are dealing with a network connectivity error on Warframe them here is what you can do to fix it.

Unable to play Warframe due to Network Errors? There are some basic things you can do to fix this error. We will dive deeper into finding out what is causing the error. What are the most common Waframe network troubleshooting options and how to make this error go permanently? This error is a common Warframe and faced by many users. It is usually associated with the connection so changes in the network settings are needed. Sometimes your security is also responsible for the issue, disable it for a while and test back. If that does not help much then read the common fixes to resolve Warframe network proxy errors.

How to resolve Warframe Network Proxy Detected error?

Warframe Proxy Error Fix

To fix the Network Proxy error on Warframe there are few working solutions. You will have to make sure first your Firewall is not blocking the game. It also a cosmetic bug that can be resolved just by restarting the game.

  1. Disable Proxy PC: On Windows 10 go to Settings > Network & Internet > Proxy > look for Automatic Proxy Setup > Automatically detect settings > Turn off.
  2. Disable Proxy PS4 Console: Go to Settings > Network Connect to the Network > Select Connection Type (Wifi or LAN) > Custom > add your Wifi details if any or skip to this step > DHCP Host Name > Do not Specify.
  3. Reset your Internet Connection: Disconnect Wifi or LAN and reconnect it back after some time. On Windows 10 run troubleshooter to resolve any network issues.
  4. Broken Update: If you had recently updated Warframe on your PC or Console and facing the error then it is due to the update. The game does not allow you to revert back to the previous version you will have to for an upcoming update or patch to fix the error.

Finally, reboot your PC or Console and try reconnecting once again. If you are using a VPN connection then you will have to change it. The above fixes are enough to resolve Warframe Proxy Error. What more you can do is turn off your security software. Disable your antivirus and Firewall for a while just to confirm that the Warframe launcher is able to launch the game without an issue.

If it works well then you can add the game launcher under the Firewall exclusion list. This will allow Firewall to ignore the Waframe launcher.