Warframe Plastids Locations Walkthrough | How to find resources for Beginners

Plastids Farming Guide

Plastids are valuable yet hard to find resources in Warframe. If you are new to the game them this guide will help beginners to locate Warframe Plastids. Plastids are a necessary resource to craft new armors. It is one of the many resources used for building new warframes and weapons. It will be tough to find Plastids in Warframe, especially if you are new to the game.

I am bringing down simple steps in Warframe Plastids Guide to find resources faster.  I will share all details regarding what are plastids, how to find them, how to use a mod to locate plastids in Warframe and more. So let’s begin.

You are going to learn the following tips to locate Warframe plastids, simply click to jump to a section.

What are Plastids and their location?

For those who are new to Warframe here is a basic gameplay idea and why it is necessary to farm Plastids. As a player, you have to create your Tenno Character that includes basic armor called Warframe. The armor offers special abilities, melee weapon, primary weapon, sidearm and a ship to Fast Travel. The ship console act as a central point to choose missions and start playing it. Players in Warframe can travel to various planets and moons in the solar system. You can use relays to travel further to other planets and locations. You can customize your character, armor, weapons, craft new items, and access game store through the Ship Console.

Among dozens of resources like Plastid is a tough one to find, and it is also very important. Warframe Plastids are the king of rare resources that are used in many blueprints and frame armors. If you are a new player and stuck on a question where a new player can find Plastids in Warframe then here is the solution.

On which planets you can find Plastids in Warframe?

  1. Phobos
  2. Saturn – Best Place to farm Plastids
  3. Uranus – Best Place to farm Plastids
  4. Pluto
  5. Eris

Plastids are dropped by enemies and can be found in the containers. If you are a new player then start with Phobos to find Warframe plastids. The drop rate will not be high, but it can be found more easily on Phobos, just play the planet missions. Second, you can also take part in events on Saturn but that requires a higher-level which means more grinding. Begin with Phobos, when you level up you can visit other planets also. The objective is simply to kill enemies and grab plastids from containers.

Which is the best Planet to Farm Plastids?

After reaching a certain level for new players Saturn is the best place to farm Warframe plastids for beginners. Because it offers you some forgiving missions, where you can grab some high amount of resources with less effort. Another place to search for plastids is the Dark Sector (Piscinas), where more challenge awaits. Players will have to deal with a swarm of enemies, and this place is filled with bonus XP, high drop rates, etc.

For farming more plastids you have to take part in other planets like Uranus, Pluto, and Eris. Here there are more chances of getting plastids drops along with other resources that will help you to create armors and upgrade your armor abilities. The best type of missions resource gather is the most challenging like Defense Missions and Survival Missions. Here you will fight against waves of enemies, if you are able to make out till last you will be rewarded well and grab higher resources faster in Warframe.

How to farm Plastids fast?

Here are some tricks to find warframe plastids fast and this is definitely going to help new players who are struggling to get the best way to grab resources.

Farm 1000 Plastids in 15 Minutes

A simple working tip by Youtuber Faceless Beanie offers a trick to farm 1000 Plastids in around 15 minutes, and this still works. If you are new to Warframe them this is the best option to farm plastids fast and easy. Here is what you have to do.

  1. Go to Uranus and land on Ophelia.
  2. Play the Survival Mission, you can play in a team of two and the required level is 24-29.
  3. Find a dead end while running around in the room and stand at the edge and camp.
  4. If you have a hydroid let him do the job and waits there, find a good spot to shoot down the
  5. enemies. After killing grab the resources.

Can you buy Plastids?

Yes, you can purchase 300 plastids for 30 Platinum from the market and in this way you can easily grab warframe plastids and build stronger armors. Platinum is the in-game currency in Warframe, and it can be purchased with real-world money or from trading.

Best Mod to Farm Warframe Plastids?

Good news, some mods can help you to grab more plastids in Warframe, and here is the best one to try. Mods and companions will add more possibility of getting resources easily in Warframe, so you do not waste much time in looking for them.

  1. Thief’s Wit Mod – Adds loot radar on the map, shows resources, lootable canisters, chests, crates, lootable corpses, etc.
  2. Vacuum Mod – Automatically grabs resources when you are near, saves time and sometimes you can collect plastids without looking at them.
  3. Looter Mod – Destroy secure crates using a shock wave that will drop resources.
  4. Charm Mod – The Smeeta Breed of Kavat: Double your loot for two minutes.
  5. Scavenge Mod – Unlock locked lockers in any missions.

Is there a cheat to farm Warframe plastids automatically?

Well, there is a way not really a cheat but an option to farm Warframe plastids without doing anything and it can be done using an Extractor. On Uranus, you can place a Titan Extractor that will farm plastids and other resources for you. To unlock extractor you have to complete every mission on Uranus, and once done unlock Titan Extractor by purchasing its blueprint from the market. After placing it guard the extractor and get warframe plastids for free.

So these are various methods to farm plastids in Warframe and it still works. If you are a beginner in Warframe them the above strategy will guide you to grab plastids and plastids and build the best frame.