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Warframe Mesa Prime Guide – Best Peacemaker Build

Here is Mesa Prime Build guide, the top mods to boost Peacemaker ability. 100% head-shots, damage resistance, low duration, increased radius and more.

Mesa can be a unique choice in Warframe if you are planning for a killer machine build. With the right combination you can craft the best Warframe Mesa Prime build and here is what you can do. In this article, we will talk about how Mesa can be one of the best warframes you can use. If you haven’t tested the power then here is the latest Mesa Prime build suggestion. With the help of a few pro warframe players, the Mesa Prime build in this guide shows positive results. Combination of a High Damage Build + Powerful Abilities makes Mesa an unstoppable warframe. So let’s begin with your Warframe Build Guide.

Best Mesa Prime Build Guide


To give you some understanding of why to choose Mesa will start the build first and then her best abilities. Abilities that empower this warframe to one of the best in the game. These are the abilities that contribute towards turning Mesa into a killing machine. Check the second section below the build to learn more about abilities.

Below are the best mods you can use in Mesa build, focusing on boosting the ability power. Primarily the Peacemaker, the mods selected below gives Mesa enough power to use her superpowers. This is where you stand better chances against other warframes. If you are an aggressive player who does not like to hide behind cover then Mesa build is the best one to go for.

  1. Pistol Amp – +27% more Pistol Damage.
  2. Power Drift – +15% Ability Strength and -30% chance of Resist Knockdown.
  3. Primed Flow – +275% Energy Max.
  4. Narrow Minded – +99% Ability Duration & – 66% Ability Range.
  5. Umbral Intensity – +44% Ability Strength & +11% Tau Resistance.
  6. Streamline – +30% Ability Efficiency.
  7. Fleeting Expertise – +50% Ability Efficiency & -50% Ability Duration.
  8. Constitution – +40% Faster Knockdown Recovery & +28% Ability Duration.
  9. Primed Continuity – +55% Ability Duration.
  10. Transient Fortitude – +55% Ability Strength & -27.5% Ability Duration.


Regulators Build

You can also apply mods to the Regulators Pistol to boost the Peacemaker ability of Mesa in Warframe.

  1. Hornet Strike – +220% Damage.
  2. Barrel Diffusion – +120% Multi-shot.
  3. Pathogen Rounds – +90% Toxin.
  4. Anemic Agility – +90% Fire Rate & -15% Damage.
  5. Primed Pistol Gambit – +187% Critical Chance.
  6. Primed Target Cracker – +110% Critical Damage.
  7. Deep Freeze – +90% Cold.
  8. Lethal Torrent – +60% Fire Rate & +60% Multi-shot.


These are our recommendations you always modify and pick the one that suits your build. If you closely see all the mods for the build and weapon it focuses on more helping the Peacemaker ability.

Mesa Abilities

Four Mesa abilities can be enhanced by focusing on mods that can bring speed, efficiency, duration, and strength.


1. Ballistic Battery – Stores damage caused by guns, and when triggered again the damage is channeled through the gunshot.

  • Drain – 6.25
  • Damage – 149.8%
  • Buffer limit – 3424

The ability allows you to store damage and amplify it by using Strength Mods. So here is you are just collecting power in your gun and you can release that on the toughest enemy in front of you. Some extra damage is always useful.

2. Shooting Gallery – Jam guns of nearby enemies and give ally Extra damage.

  • Drain – 12.5
  • Damage – 53.5%
  • Duration – 61.35s
  • Radius – 5.44m

The ability that can stun the nearby enemies by jamming their guns. This ability can increase your survival chances in Warframe, you increase the damage by using strength mod. Also, you can increase the duration by adding duration mod. For Radius ranged mods can work well, Muzzle Flash ability augment is the best one to try out. After every 6 skills using the ability, the next shot will blind enemies with 12 meters for 6 seconds. Casting does not cost much, but in return, it can boost your allies’ damage rate.

3. Shattered Shield – It  covers Mesa in a barrier of energy, this reflects the incoming bullet damage.

  • Drain – 18.75
  • Damage – 95%
  • Duration – 51.13s
  • Radius – 3.74m

It is hard to ignore how Shattered Shield works. An ability that engulfs Mesa with a shield with up to 95% damage reduction. Almost 0 damage while getting attacked, and the new update has added some changes. Augment Mod staggering shield can reflect bullet with 50% if staggering enemies.

4. Peacemaker – The ability that makes Mesa the best warframe, it can unlock intense focus where Mesa uses the Regulator pistols and shoot down her foes with max speed.

  • Drain – 6.25
  • Energy / Speed – 3.75
  • Damage Multiplayer – 3.21x
  • Field of View – 15 degrees

Peacemaker is a kind of superpower, when activated she draws her pistols and shoots everyone in degree FOV. This means you just have to move your mouse, the ability will do the job. Peacemaker is one of the finest ability you will ever see in Warframe. To improve the speed you can use Mesa’ Waltz augment, it adds 50% more speed while using Peacemaker.

So this was our best Warframe Mesa build guide that will help you to use Mesa as one of the strongest warframe.