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Warframe Magnetic Damage Guide – How To Get Magnetic Damage?

Best against Sheilds

It is complicated to understand damage type in Warframe. If you are looking for an answer especially if you new to Warframe then here is a beginner’s guide that will offer you in-depth details on common questions like how damage works, how to do magnetic damage in Warframe, etc. Magnetic Damage is best against shield, it falls under the secondary elemental damage type including Blast, Corrosive, Gas, Radiation and Viral. The first to understand how to get Magnetic Damage if you are going face enemies with shields, but there is another one also and this Warframe Damage guide covers everything.

How Damage Works in Warframe?

Enemies in Warframe have weakness and strength, and with a combination of elemental mods, you can unleash more damage killing them instantly. After attacking an enemy you will see numbers in a different color. Each color of the number represents the strength of damage.

  • Gray – No Damage
  • White – Damage from basic default attacks
  • Yellow – Critical Hits
  • Orange & Red – Super Critical, stronger attacks
  • Blue – Shields
  • Purple – Overshields

The color code represents the type of damage and their severity. If you are new to Warframe it is necessary to understand the strength of damage on an enemy. You can increase the Damage strength by using elemental mods.

What are the different types of damage in Warframe?

There are three types of damage in Warframe, among which two are Elemental which adds extra abilities. The first one is Primary Damage where you will perform standard moves against enemies, second is Elemental Damage that adds effects like Cold, Electricity, Heat, etc. While in the third type the Secondary Elemental brings mods to power-up your attack, this is where you can unlock Magnetic Damage in Warframe.

Types of Primary Damage in Warframe:

  1. Impact: Can stagger enemies for a while, best against shield and weak against flesh.
  2. Puncture: Can reduce damage from an enemy, best against armor and weak against shields.
  3. Slash: Cause bleeds effect, best against flesh and weak against armor.

Types of Elemental Damage in Warframe:

  1. Cold: Slow down enemies, best against Shields and weak against flesh.
  2. Electricity: Attack with Chain Lightning on other enemies, best against robots and weak against armor.
  3. Heat: Cause burn and panic effects on enemies, best against flesh and weak against shields.
  4. Toxin: Cause poison effect on enemies, best against flesh and weak against robots.

Types of Secondary Elemental Damage in Warframe:

  1. Blast: Combination of Heat + Cold, Blast can knock down enemies in a radius of 5 meters. It is best against machines and weak against armor.
  2. Corrosive: Combination of Electricity + Toxin, Corrosive can reduce armor effectiveness. It is best against armor and weak against shields.
  3. Gas: Combination of Heat + Toxin, Corrosive can create a toxic cloud in a 3-meter radius and cause damage for 8 seconds. It is best against infested flesh and weak against regular flesh.
  4. Magnetic: Combination of Cold + Electricity, Magnetic can reduce shield effectiveness. It is best against infested shields and weak against armor.
  5. Radiation: Combination of Heat + Electricity, Magnetic can confuse enemies. It is best against armor and weak against infested + corrupted enemies.
  6. Viral: Combination of Cold + Toxin, Magnetic can reduce maximum health to 50% for 6 seconds. It is best against regular flesh and weak against infested flesh.

How to get Magnetic Damage?

One of the elemental damage types in Warframe, Magnetic damage is important against Shields. In the game, you will get three mod load-outs for every weapon. It is necessary to choose each to target every faction which is Grineer, Corpus, and Infested. Because there will be mixed kinds of enemies, it is not like you will face one single type of enemy in one location. So having load-out ready for each faction will save your time which will also include loadout with Magnetic Damage.

To get Magnetic Damage you will need to use Cold + Electricity Mods on the same weapon. The power of damage relies on the way you place the mods. Like form left to right, and Impact does the most damage to shields. So once you are ready with the loadouts you can take down enemies with a shield. Magnetic damage usually reduces enemy shield by 75% for 4 seconds. This is where it becomes an important aspect of the Warframe game. After a powerful impact, you can shift to loadout that works best against the faction. Here is a short load-out tip you can apply to deal with various enemy factions in Warframe.

Best load-outs against enemies types in Warframe: Source – Aahz

  1. Grineer Armor: Use Puncture (+50%) + Corrosive (+75%) and you can also use Toxin (+25%).
  2. Flesh: Use Toxin (+50%) + Viral (+50%) and you can also use Slash (+25%).
  3. Shields: Use Magnetic (+75%) and you can also use Impact (+50%) + Cold (+50%).
  4. Robotic Health: Use Electric (+50%) and you can also use Puncture (+25%) + Radiation (+25%).
  5. Infested Health: Use Gas (+75%) and you can also use Slash (+25%) + Heat (+25%).

Following the above tips will help you to learn how to do magnetic damage in Warframe as well as you can also understand how the damage system works in the game. Stay tuned for more updates on Warframe.