Warframe Leveling Guide – XP Farming, Weapon Mastery, MR Tips

By Raaj
10 Min Read

Warframe has a leveling system, and in this Warframe Leveling Guide, I will show you how to level up. At start understanding Warframe leveling is tough, but do not worry. In this guide, you will learn the core mechanic that will help you to understand how real the level system works in the game. In this Warframe Beginner’s Guide, I had focused more on Leveling and pulled out some straightforward methods to make the level progression in Warframe much simpler.

What is Warframe Affinity?

Affinity is Warframe exp or XP. The basic reward you earn in the game and the core component that contributes to the fastest way to level up in Warframe. Affinity is nothing but the XP or experience points. At the end of every mission, you will earn XP for different things. Like for every weapon, companion, and the Warframe. Once you are done with the mission you will see the Affinity that you had earned.

Affinity will be added to your default lead-out. Max weapon rank for every weapon, Warframe, or Companion is 30. There are multiple ways to earn XP in Warframe. Some of the most common are:

  • Kill Enemies with Weapons grants Warframe XP
  • Kill enemies with Abilities grant Warframe XP
  • Complete various missions
  • Collect Affinity Orb Drops.

How to Farm XP in Warframe?

To farm XP there are certain things you must know. As XP is assigned to your weapons, companions, and Warframe, the way to get more Affinity is not that complicated. XP is rewarded at the end of every mission. It is also possible to earn different XP for the same missions, which will be split between your Warframe and Weapons that impact the overall power level.

There are certain rules on which XP is awarded in Warframe and if you know these rules it will be easier for you to keep farming Affinity in Warframe. Warframe Level system is broken the overall awarded XP into different sections and you will see this right on your screen. The objective to understand Warframe weapon leveling, and our guide will help you learn the fastest way to level weapons in Warframe.

  • Kill an enemy using Warframe Ability and get 100% of overall XP to the Warframe.
  • To get 50% of XP to your weapon, kill an enemy with that weapon. 50% XP will be added to the Warframe.
  • For every other action around 25% XP is added t the Warframe and remaining 75% is evenly divided to current weapons.

The last rule where 75% of the affinity is divided between current weapons relies on what weapons you are carrying. There are primary, secondary and melee weapons in the load-out that means each of this category will get 25% XP added to their account. Also if you are carrying only a primary weapon then the entire 75% XP will be added to that weapon. This is the Warframe’s fastest way to level weapons.

If you are focusing more on the best way to level weapons in Warframe then focusing on one single weapon during the fight is the best idea. Warframe leveling weapons system is not that complicated.

How to Farm Affinity in Warframe Multiplayer?

You will earn more rewards for playing with others, this is where Warframe multiplayer contributes a lot to leveling. This is one of the ways to gain an affinity for free. For example, if one of your team players kills an enemy within 50 meters of your range you earn free XP. Both players will earn a full amount of Affinity for the kill. This is another fastest way to level up fast in Warframe.

The benefit of playing in a team is that you can level up fast. In simple words, it is Warframe’s fastest way to level up. Because in a group you can kill more enemies compared to solo. All the players must remain within 50 meters of range so that others can also earn full Affinity. In this, all players can level up their weapons faster and earn the highest Affinity in short time.

What is Mastery Rank?

Now you know what Affinity in Warframe is, how to farm XP fast and how to level up your weapons. Also the way Warframe splits XP’s among the Warframe, Team, and Weapon. By knowing this it will be a lot more easily to farm XP and reach your Warframe and Weapon to max rank. Now comes another important part of Warframe, the Mastery Rank. Your account level is determined based on Mastery Rank or MR in Warframe. It is a kind of indicator that tells what your current level in the game is. It is also a way to tell your level of your experiences in Warframe. To increase Mastery Rank in Warframe you will have to keep playing, unlock new items and complete new missions.

Warframe Mastery leveling guide

In this section of Warframe Leveling guide, you will learn how to earn Mastery XP to level up in Mastery Rank.

  1. You will unlock 200 Mastery XP on every level up for Warframe, Companion, and Archwing. So to reach Mastery Rank 30 you will need 6000 Mastery XP.
  2. You will unlock 100 Mastery XP for every weapon level, this includes primary, secondary, melee, sentinel, or archwing. To reach Weapon Mastery Rank 30 you will need 3000 Mastery XP.
  3. You will unlock 1000 Mastery XP for completing Junctions for the first time. Junctions are a solo mission on Solar Rail network nodes. Playing this will allow you to progress through the Star Chart.

You will earn some Mastery XP by completing the mission’s nodes in the Star Chart. Things you must not forget is that Master XP on any item or event is rewarded only one time. Not like Affinity, Mastery XP is limited. For example, if your weapon reaches Mastery 30, you cannot craft the same weapon again. By exploring new content you will unlock more new weapons. There are many benefits of increasing Mastery Rank. One of which means you can craft new weapons and unlock new Warframes Levels. Here are some of the best ones.

  1. Build New Weapons – Some of the best weapons are unlocked at higher Mastery Rank.
  2. Trade More – Daily Trade Limit is equal to Mastery Rank, this means more MR more trade you can do. This is necessary while farming Platinum in Warframe.
  3. Use more Mods – High MR increase the capacity of using mods on new weapons.
  4. Unlock new nodes in Star Charts – You cannot access certain part of Star Chart without reaching MR5 or higher.
  5. Unlock Syndicates – Reach Mastery Rank 3, from here you will start unlocking new unique weapons, mods and platinum.

MR is a way to push your limits in Warframe, allowing you to unlock new unique weapons and then continue toward progressing to reach the max Warframe Weapon Mastery. It is worth to increase your Mastery Rank in the game, most of the game content is unlocked after Master Rank 16.

Mastery XP Rank Test – One Test Every 24 Hours

When you reach the amount of Master XP required unlocking the next Mastery Rank you will have to take a Mastery Rank Test. This means you will not automatically be promoted to the next Rank. From the game menu, you will have to take the Master Rank test that takes place once every 24 hours. If you fail you will have to wait for the next try. That is why you must go through the test properly and try to clear it. Do not worry, MR Tests are easy. There are tons of guides on the web for each Mastery Test. Go through the same before taking it and you will be able to clear it easily.

This is where we conclude our Warframe mastery leveling guide, you learned about the fastest way to farm XP in the game. As well you learn about the core concepts on how everything works in Warframe progression system.