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Warframe Guide for Beginners: Useful Tips

Warframe Guide for New Players

In this Warframe guide for beginners, we will try to briefly outline the main nuances of the Warframe game that are important at the initial stage. Also, we will give some useful Warframe tips that will help you save time, nerves and money.

Economy in Warframe


Many are interested in whether it is possible to fully play Warframe without donations. The answer is yes, you can. You can absolutely fully play Warframe without donating and not have any restrictions. Naturally, as in any shareware game, at first, it will be a little difficult for you to do this. But after some grind, it will be easier.

Warframe Guide for Beginners on Currency

Now let’s get to know the in-game economic system better. At the moment, there are 3 main currencies in Warframe: credits, platinum, and ducats.


Credits can be received in the form of drops as rewards for completing missions and participating in various matches. Credits are spent on the purchase of blueprints for weapons in the in-game store, paying tax when trading with other players, creating equipment, and for many other daily operations. At first, you will probably experience a shortage of credits. But after some time, their amount is unlikely to become a serious problem for you.

The second important currency is platinum. This is the so-called donate currency. By the way, do not rush to get your bank card right now. In addition to the above method, you can purchase platinum by making trade transactions with other players.

Indeed, as a daily reward for entering the game, you get a discount on the purchase of platinum, reaching as much as 75%. Platinum is spent mainly on the purchase of slots for weapons and Warframes, as well as reactors, catalysts, weapons, slots for rift mods, jewelry, and, of course, on transactions concluded when trading with other players.


Ducats are a special currency needed to purchase unique and rare mods, jewelry, weapons, Abyssal Relics, and even one quest from the mysterious merchant Baro Ki’Tiir. He flies every second Friday to one of several Tenno Relays controlled, where he will trade his goods for 48 hours, accepting your credits and ducats as payment.

For Warframe newbies, it is essential to know that Prime things are much more profitable to sell to other players for platinum than to exchange them for ducats.

Where to Get Equipment in Warframe


The initial source of getting equipment for you will be quests and various bosses. For the first gaming experience, this is more than enough for you. In addition to all of the above, you can buy blueprints or some ready-made weapons for credits.

We also recommend you to join one of the many clans as soon as possible. There you can copy the blueprints of weapons and Warframes available in their research laboratories.

These were the most relevant Warframe recommendations for beginners, which will help you to adapt to the game.