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War Mongrels Announced for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One & Xbox Series X

Destructive Creations today announced War Mongrels, the gruesome real-time strategy game set in World War II, which delves into the grim reality of the often unexplored Eastern Front on PC, current-gen, and next-gen consoles in 2021.

When two young Europeans entered the German war machine they disobey reprehensible direct orders, desert and find purpose as guerrillas in the bloodiest war of all time. Based on real-world experiences, War Mongrels explores the lives of soldiers who fell victim to Nazi propaganda or who even opposed the war from the start, but who then realized the truth and set out to right the wrongs that they were forced to commit.

Traverse deadly battlefields including villages, towns, minefields, cemeteries, concentration camps, and more. Control a crew of four where each character’s background provides special abilities. Meet former teachers, Freemasons, and nurses willing to fight for what’s right, then equip them with WWII weapons. Survive and learn the history of these German, Polish, and Lithuanian soldiers as they flee the Eastern Front and become guerillas.

Use the local environment for stealth kills, outrun the guards by disappearing into the bushes and hiding just out of sight, or stage a frontal assault on a bullet-riddled street. Collect gear from fallen enemies or circle the combat zone to find usable weapons and supplies. Each expansive level offers a sandbox of possibilities with a high replay value: try different courses, use lethal or non-lethal tactics, or even play with a friend in co-op.

War Mongrels will be available on PC, next-gen and current-gen consoles next year. Check out the official trailer of the game below.