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Elden Ring – All Walking Mausoleum Location Guide

Learn the Locations of all the Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring from this guide.

Do you face the situation where you have one Boss Remembrance but you want to buy both the Equipment or Powers? Yeah, that happens a lot and you will have to wisely choose between them, or do you? In Elden Ring, there are these huge walking Structures called Walking Mausoleums and they can help you out in this situation. They can provide you with the Remembrances you need. In this guide, I will show you the Locations of All Walking Mausoleum in Elden Ring.

All Walking Mausoleum Locations in Elden Ring


 walking mausoleum locations elden ring

In total, there are 7 Walking Mausoleums in Elden Ring. They are Giant Buildings with huge long Stone Legs. Although they move around they tend to be in the same area. They are scattered throughout the Lands between and here is where you can find them.

  • In the Weeping Peninsula, a little Southeast from the Tombsward Ruins which is at the Northeast of the Peninsula.
  • In Liurnia of the Lakes, Southwest from the Raya Lucaria Crystal Tunnel Grace. It is also Northeast of Raya Lucaria Academy, in the waters.
  • Again in Liurnia of The Lakes, here two of them can be found in the Mausoleum Compound Grace in Uld Palace Ruins, north of the Church of Vows. Keep in mind that these two Walking Mausolea will only duplicate the Remembrances of Non-Shardbearer Bosses.
  • In Mountaintops of the Giants, just outside of Castle Sol. It will be found on the north side.
  • In the Consecrated Snowfields, Northwest of Ordina. You will find it next to the Apostate Derelict Grace. Beware as this Walking Mausoleum will attack you with Magical Bombardment.
  • In the Deeproot Depths. It will be near the Nameless Eternal City Grace.


Get to any of these Walking Mausolea and you will be able to duplicate a Boss Remembrance. Although you can’t just go up there, you will have to stop them. To do so, you will have to remove White Skulls either on the Legs or on the Mausoleum itself. These Skulls will look like Barnacles that grow on Whales. Once you clear them, the Walking Mausoleum will stop and dropdown. Now you can enter it and interact with the NPC inside. Keep in mind that you can only duplicate one Remembrance here only once. After that, you cannot duplicate anymore from this Mausoleum. So be careful with your decisions.

This was all about the Locations of the Walking Mausoleum in Elden Ring. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check out our guide on What Are The Best Starting Weapons in Elden Ring.