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VOLTA Gameplay Trailer Looks Amazing And Will Make FIFA 20 Even Better


Street football has been the cultural roots for many professional football players and now EA Sports are going to introduce it in FIFA 20. Titled as Volta, street football takes players to the street inside cages where there is nowhere to hide. Check out the latest trailer for VOLTA Gameplay.

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Players will get the chance to play all over the world with VOLTA football, customizing their characters however they wish and not adhering to a single kit, moreover, there will be VOLTA championships which will crown the best trickster.

You get to play this mode in 17 playgrounds all over the world, and you can play the game with custom rules which were first showcased in FIFA 19, the game modes will be applicable to VOLTA football.

VOLTA Gameplay can find its roots in FIFA Street and FIFA Street 2 which had a similar gameplay but was discontinued as EA Sports focused more on delivering the FIFA brand better.

There is also a story mode in VOLTA Football similar to the traditional game which followed the career of Alex Hunter, this will be an interesting choice and we cannot wait for it.

VOLTA gameplay will be released with FIFA 20 on the 27th of September 2019 for PC, Xbox One and PS4.

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