GTA 5 Voice Actors List (Complete Cast)

Here’s a complete list of all the important characters appearing in GTA 5 along with their Voice Actors.

It has been a decade since GTA 5 was first released and swept all the major awards in a blink. Playing this title still feels so fresh because of its engaging open-world elements and Online Mode. Besides that, there is one more thing that has won fans heart and it is none other than the Voice Actors themselves. Just by giving in their Voices, they brought the in-game characters to life.

And in today’s article, we will be listing down all of your favorite Castings from GTA 5 along with their Voice Characters. So if you want to know who played Michael, Franklin, or Trevor in GTA, then scroll down to know.

Complete List of GTA 5 Voice Actors (Main Characters)

Michael De Santa – Ned Luke

Michael De Santa Voice Actor in GTA 5

Ned Luke, an American Actor, is the voice behind Michael in Grand Theft Auto V. Being one of the three main protagonists, Ned had to perform better than other appearances in the game. And so he did. His Voice Acting made such a huge impact on the players that Michael De Santa will forever be immortal in the gaming industry.

Ned Luke has also appeared in multiple movies and television series like Unfiltered, American Gothic, etc. So if you are already a fan of this character, you got some shows to binge watch.

Franklin Clinton – Shawn Fonteno

Franklin Clinton Voice Actor in GTA 5

Shawn Fonteno gave his voice to Franklin in GTA 5 and also played a minor role in GTA San Andreas as a Groove Street Family Member. Many people don’t know about this but Shawn’s Cousin, Christopher Bellard, is the voice of CJ from San Andreas.

Trevor Philips – Steven Ogg

Trevor Philips Voice Actor in GTA 5

Steven Ogg is a Canadian Actor who is popularly known for his work as Trevor in GTA 5. Not only this, but he also gave portrayed Simon (the right-hand man) from The Walking Dead.

Just like Ned Luke, Steven also appeared in multiple TV Series like Westworld, The Tick, Murdoch Mysteries, etc.

Other GTA 5 Characters and their Voice Actors

  • Lester Crest – Jay Klaitz
  • Lamar Davis – Slink Johnson
  • Steve Haines – Robert T. Bogue
  • Devin Weston – Jonathan Walker
  • Dave Norton – Julian Gamble
  • Jimmy De Santa – Danny Tamberelli
  • Amanda De Santa – Vicki Van Tassel
  • Tracey De Santa – Michal Sinnott
  • Ron Jakowski – David Mogentale
  • Wade Herbert – Matthew Maher

That covers everything about the Characters and their Voice Actors in GTA 5. For more such informative content, be sure to stay connected with Gamer Tweak. Not only we have covered guides on GTA V but also on the upcoming GTA 6.