How To Get Vitus Essence In Warframe

Follow this guide to know how you can obtain Vitus Essence in Warframe!

Warframe contains a special resource called Vitus Essence that is obtained as a reward or drop. The only possible way of obtaining Vitus Essence in-game is by taking part in Arbitrations. Arbitrations are missions that have elevated levels of difficulty to test players. They can only be accessed once all connected star chart nodes are completed. This guide lists out steps you can follow to get Vitus Essence in Warframe.

How to Get Vitus Essence in Warframe?


Any in-game resource that’s hard to obtain returns significantly great rewards. With Vitus Essence qualifying to be among one of these highly sought after and hard to obtain resources, getting it could return some amazing in-game items. Follow the steps below to know how to get Vitus Essence in Warframe:

  1. Do Arbitration Alerts the stronger the enemy, the higher the chance of getting 3 units of Vitus Essence every rotation.
  2. Be sure to shoot down Arbitration shield drones, in order to obtain a greater chance of them granting you Vitus Essence through drops.
  3. Usually, a single rotation will grant you one unit of Vitus Essence.
  4. In order to maximize your survival chances, play the Arbitrations with a squad.
  5. Scrutinize the Alerts that boost specific Warframes and Weapons when with a squad, a 300% boost to certain Warframes and Weapons could really be way too powerful to contain and render you close to invincible. This just means you’ll get a higher chance of greater Vitus Essence yield.
  6. In addition to the above, always carry resource doublers. The best ones for this particular resource aka Vitus Essence would be Resource Boosters and Smeeta Kavats. Both these buff you up to double resource drops. In addition to that, their attributes can stack which means you’re possibly looking at a 4X resource multiplier.

You can use all your obtained Vitus Essence to purchase the following items from the Arbiters of Hexis room where you’ll find the Arbitrations Vendor who’s available on all relays.

  • Arbitration Statue
  • Cautious Shot
  • Judicial Coils
  • Power Donation
  • Scars of Arbitration
  • Vitus Emblem
  • Vitus Illumina
  • Galvanized Mods

There you go! You now know how to get Vitus Essence in Warframe! We hope you liked this guide and that it helped you! Since we now know how much you love the game, here’s a guide that’ll teach you how to get The Kavat Genetic Code In Warframe.