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Where To Find Violetgrass In Genshin Impact?

Violetgrass in Genshin Impact is one of the most useful items that can only be found near Wuwang Hill. Check the exact location of violetgrass in Genshin Impact

Violetgrass in Genshin Impact is an important item that helps to upgrade Qiqi to level up and have an even stronger tank and better regen with her special attack. If you want to know where to find Violetgrass in Genshin Impact, you’ve come to the right place.

Where To Find Violetgrass In Genshin Impact?


Violetgrass is an important item in Genshin Impact and hence it is also one of the most difficult items to find in the game. If you’ve spent enough time in Genshin Impact, you already know how much time it takes to find this item.

Or, you’ve never found it at all, anyways, there’s nothing to worry about as we’ve discovered exactly where to find it. What you need to do is go to Wuwang Hill, and travel a bit south until you’re at level with the Stone Gate on the map.

where to find violetgrass in genshin impact


Here you will find cliffs, make sure to check both sides of the cliffs as there’s a minimum of three Violetgrass up for grabs for players in the game.

Another trick you can use is taking the teleporter and travel a bit to the Southwestern region of Wuwang Hill. This is an assured place where you will surely get the item needed.

While this is the only place in Genshin Impact where we could find Violetgrass, we will update this guide if and when we stumble upon more places where Violetgrass is found.


As of right now, your best bet is to go to the Southwestern area of Wuwang Hill and get this item. This is all there is to know about where to find Violetgrass in Genshin Impact.

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