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How To Get Vial Of Adeptal Speed In Genshin Impact?

In this guide we will tell you the way to get Vial of Adeptal Speed in Genshin Impact

Gemshin Impact has blessed our gamer lives by releasing a number of cool stuff in the 1.5 patch. Vial of Adeptal Speed is a Consumable item that is introduced in this update. Now we all know how impatient we get with the Furnishings in the new Housing system. It takes hours to craft and upgrade in it. Vial of Adeptal Speed is at your rescue! Using it will complete your furnishings instantly. Seems too good to be true right? But it is. Let us tell you how to get the Vial of Adeptal Speed in Genshin Impact through this guide.

How to Get Vial of Adeptal Speed in Genshin Impact?


Vial Of Adeptal Speed Reward

You will already get 10 of these at the beginning of the new Genshin Impact update. But you will soon realize how easily they will get used. You can get more by increasing your Trust Rank. Leveling up your Tubby Trust Rank will give you, among other things, a Vial of Adeptal Speed as rewards in the game. Tubby will give you tasks to complete in and the more you meet his criteria, the more you will level up resulting in more rewards.

Vial Of Adeptal Speed Purchase


You can also purchase it from the Realm Depot in the Housing. The Realm Depot can be accessed by Serenitea Pot to enter your Realm and talking to Tubby, the Teapot Spirit. Just exchange your Realm Currency to obtain the Vial of Adeptal Speed. Simply go to the Furnishings tab of your Realm Depot and you can buy it from there.

So that is all for our guide on where to get the Vial of Adeptal Speed in Genshin Impact. If you would like to know How To Get And Use Dream Solvent In Genshin Impact, check out our guide on that too. The new update has much more to look forward to so head on to our website as we have covered all the 1.5 updates.