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VF5 Tier List Ranked From Best To Worst

Here is a tier list of all the characters in Virtua Fighter 5 ultimate showdown ranked from best to worst.

The 5th installment of Virtua Fighter has got the players hooked. There are a variety of players to choose from and a Virtua Fighter 5 ultimate showdown tier list will help you get the best one. This classic game will get the best out of your character if you work on it correctly. Learn from past mistakes and upgrade your fight skills to defeat your opponents.


Training your characters right may even give you the benefit of defeating opponents in the game that are stronger than your characters. The tournaments will make your characters learn and develop their mind, body, and souls for the upcoming matches.

Virtua Fighter 5 Ultimate Showdown Tier List

VF5 Tier List

Here is a tier list for Virtua Fighter 5 ultimate showdown with characters ranked from best to worst.

Sarah S Kick attacks
Akira S High combo damage
Lau S Rush attacks
Shun S Drunken kung fu master
Brad A Striker
Jean A Charged attacks
Lion A Fast paced character
Kage A Ninja character
Goh A Slow striking moves
Eileen A Fast attacker
Wolf A Strong throwing techniques
Vanessa B Offensive and defensive
El Blaze B Luchador type characteR
Taka-Arashi B Sumo type character
Pai B High and low moves
Aoi B  Technical character
Jacky C Easy accessibility
Lei Fei C Deflective moves
Jeffry C Power strikes

Jean Kujo, Eileen, and El Blaze are the new characters that have been introduced in the game. Though new, giving them enough time and dedication will give them skill sets that are much crisper than the other players. They all are however the best players in the world that are against each other for being the ultimate champions.

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