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How To Get The Vex Mythoclast In Destiny 2?

Here's everything you need to know about how to unlock and get the Vex Mythoclast Exotic Fusion Rifle & Catalyst In Destiny 2.

If you are a veteran of Destiny, you already know what the Vex Mythoclast is and how dominant of a weapon it is but for the new guardians out there this is a guide on how to get Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2.

How to get the Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2?


To unlock the Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2, you have to beat Vault Of Glass, get lucky.

Now, here’s the elaborate answer.

The Mythoclast was the first-ever raid exotic back in Destiny 1 rewarded through pure RNG from its first-ever raid The Vault Of Glass. Vex is a fusion rifle, that fires like an auto rifle, uses primary ammo, and destroys everything. Its perk allows it to turn into a Linear Fusion rifle for three shots once you get 6 kills in PvE and 2 kills in PvE. This thing is a monster and one of the coolest-looking weapons in Destiny. VOG returned remastered in Destiny 2 during Season Of The Splicer or Season 14 and was free-to-play for all players. The raid came back with its set of rewards with a few exceptions left out. One of those returning rewards is the crown jewel of the vault, The Vex Myhoclast. You can play the raid as many times as you like but the rewards are locked after the first completion of each encounter, once per week, per character.


So, if you have three characters you get three chances at getting the Mythoclast per week. You only get it from beating Atheon (the final boss) and it drops as an exotic (yellow) engram, So once you have beaten Atheon and you see an Exotic engram lying on the ground next to the chest, then congratulations, you nabbed yourself The Mythoclast. If not, better luck next week I guess! Just to reiterate, it’s pure RNG, there’s no definitive way of getting the gun, no summoning ritual you can perform, nothing. Just beat the raid and hope you get it this run but trust me it’s well worth the effort. It took 28 runs for yours truly before I got my own, so yeah, depending on how lucky or unlucky you are, this can take a minute. Finally, since it drops only from Atheon, you can nab the final checkpoint and just go and beat him up and not finish the entire raid from start to finish.

How to get the Catalyst for Vex Mythoclast in Destiny 2?

The catalyst once acquired and completed, masterworks the gun which means it can generate orbs on muti-kills and gives it a kill tracker so you can flex on how many kills you have with said weapon. In order to acquire the catalyst, you must have the gun first then hop back into VOG. Throughout the raid, you’ll find 5 hidden plates that can only be activated if you are holding the gun. Once you stand on each plate oracles will spawn that you’ll have to destroy in the same order that they spawn. The oracles have to be destroyed quickly and are spread across wide so make sure you guide your team and tell them to shoot said oracles in a particular order. Every time you successfully shoot the oracles you’ll see a prompt at the bottom left of the screen that reads “a refrain whispers from deeper within the vault”. Each plate will get progressively harder with the 5th one being the hardest so I’d recommend checking out a video guide. That basically is the gist of getting the Vex Mythoclast and its catalyst in Destiny 2.


Finally, since the raid is an endgame challenge I won’t get into extensive detail for how to beat each encounter, however, I’ll give you a brief explanation of each encounter super quickly.

Opening the Vault

There are three plates on the left, middle and right side in this opening area. Divide your fireteam into groups of two and stand on each respective plate with your partner. Once the plate is glowing fully, you can hop off. Now all you have to do is kill the enemies that spawn and make sure that the Praetorian(the minotaur) doesn’t step on the plate for even a second. Prioritize the Praetorian, keep killing enemies for long enough, and wait for the spire to form in the middle so you can enter the Vault.



The first official encounter of the raid. You’ll come across an area known as the Templar’s well where you’ll be spending quite some time. Equip your best gear, place the rally banner and jump down to start the encounter. Just like the door opening this area is divided into three sections, the middle, left and right and you have to divide into teams of two and defend each area. Enemies will keep spawning and you just have to kill them and make sure they don’t sacrifice themselves on the conflux you are defending. There’ll be three waves. The first one will spawn the middle conflux. The second will spawn the right and left conflux. The third will be all three confluxes. And again, this one ain’t that difficult as all you have to do is kill stuff and make sure they don’t sacrifice themselves at the conflux.


Same room, different story. Shoot the floating box to start the encounter and again, in the left middle, and right(i am sensing a pattern here) you can divide your teams or try different alignments here, no harm done. This time small glowy cubes(oracles) will spawn. Three on left, three on right, one in the middle. Each oracle corresponds to a music note and they all must be destroyed in the same order they spawn. If you mess up the order you’ll be “marked by the oracle” and quickly will have to cleanse yourself by standing on the pool in the middle, below the templar(big hydra), or else you’ll die. There will be 5 waves starting with 3 oracles on the first wave and ending with all 7 on the last wave. You have to shoot them in the exact order they spawn or else you won’t progress so make sure to pay attention to which oracle is spawning and call it out. You can use numerical callouts, from 1-7, clockwise to make it easy. Once that’s done we move on to the first boss fight.


The third encounter of the raid and the first boss. The templar is a big hydra that you see in previous encounters. Only this time you are going to kill him. A relic called the Aegis spawns in the middle, which when picked up, starts the encounter. The relic holder has to wait for his super to build up (it’s pretty fast) and the rest have to destroy the 3 oracles that spawn in the same locations as the last encounter. By the time they destroy the oracles, the relic super should be up, so the relic holder will hit templar with the super, which will drop his shield and then you wreck him. Templar is easy and doesn’t take a lot to die, so you should be able to kill him in one phase. If not you are gonna have to repeat the process.

One key thing is that when the 5 people are damaging Templar the relic holder has to run around the arena and look for a circle that’s shooting a beam of light into the sky. The moment it spawns and the relic guy sees it, he has to go and stand there which prevents the Templar from teleporting. If the Templar teleports you’ll have to do the oracle thing again so make sure to be quick there. Finally, randomly people will get detained in a bubble and during the damage phase and all you have to do is shoot the bubble to get them out. Boom, boom, templar dead and we proceed to the Gorgon’s Maze.

Gorgon’s Maze

Nothing to see here, it’s a Labyrinth filled with Gorgons (harpies) and if they spot you, you’ll be lost and forgotten in time. Yikes. Proceed with caution, make sure no one is spotted and find the exit then jump across a chasm and approach the Vault itself.


This is the final room and it has two encounters tied to it. The gatekeepers encounter starts as soon as you shoot or get closer to the enemies. There’ll be two portals one on left leading you to Mars (it’s actually Venus in the past) and one on the right leading you to Venus (Venus in the future). Two people will stand on the plates corresponding to the portals and defend them from Overload minotaurs (the same thing as the gate opening). The other two people (one each) will go inside said portals and defend their conflux. One person will stay outside and help and the other one will pick up a relic that spawns in the middle and play a little game of relay race. Either in Venus or Mars, a shielded praetorian will spawn that can only be killed using the relic. So, wherever he spawns, the relic guy will go inside, destroy the Praetorian shield using the relic, drop the relic there so the other person can pick it up and leave, and stay inside the portal basically you switch roles.

Then the guy who picked up the shield comes out, gives it to the guy who is helping in the room, who will then go inside the second portal and repeat this process. You have to do this relay race 6 times(3 for each portal) and a conflux will spawn in the main room. Once that happens, everyone will conjure around it and kill the enemies that spawn, including 3 shielded Praetorians, before they can sacrifice themselves at the conflux, and you are done. One thing to keep in mind is that every time someone enters or leaves a portal, a gatekeeper will spawn in the middle which must be killed immediately as he blocks the portals from entry or exit. I know this seems complex, but it’s really easy all you need is coordination and communication. With this done let’s move on to Atheon, the final boss.

Atheon, Time’s Conflux

how to get vex mythoclast destiny 2

Atheon is the main big bad and now it’s time for him to die. Same room but different rules. In the first minute or so all you have to do is kill stuff. Then you’ll see on the bottom left side of your screen “Atheon opens the timestreams”. Once that happens 3 players will randomly get teleported to Venus or Mars. The teleported team has to kill the gatekeeper, pick up the relic, run all the way to the back of the room and wait for callouts. The team outside will see 3 red oracles spawning one by one and have to tell the team inside which ones they saw. Front left, back left, front middle, back middle, front right, back right. It’ll be random so make sure to call them out correctly. And while one person is doing the callouts the other two can kill enemies and stand on the Venus or Mars plate(depending on where they were teleported) to open a way back for them.

The person holding the relic will have to cleanse himself and the other two by using the grenade button, every few seconds, as if you don’t, your screen will start turning black and you’ll die. Once callouts have been made correctly 3 times and a total of 9 oracles are destroyed, the portal team will run out while the main team will be damaging Atheon. You get 30 seconds before he becomes immune again so try to do as much damage as you possibly can. Once he’s immune again you have to repeat this process. During the damage phase, one person at random will get a 5-second timer that says “imminent detain”, the moment he/she sees this they have to run away from their teammates because if they don’t, everyone will get stuck and its game over. It sounds complicated I know, and it can get hectic but again, with proper communication and practice, you can nail this in no time trust me.

There you have it. That’s a guide telling you how to get the Vex Mythoclast and its catalyst in Destiny 2 and I even tried to briefly tell you how each encounter works. I hope it helps someone with getting their Mythoclast and going to town with it. For more Destiny 2 guides, stay with us here at GamerTweak.