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Multiversus: All Velma Skins

Check out this guide to take a look at what skins Velma has in Multiversus.

Multiversus is a free multiplayer platform-fighter game published by Warner Bros. Along with Shaggy, there is one more member of the Mystery Incorporated in this game. Velma is the second member of the famous detective gang from our childhood. She is a support class character in the game who prefers to help her allies from distance. Moreover, she has the ability to heal her allies too. Also, Velma has the potential to be a match winner in a 1v1 or 2v2 multiplayer game in the Multiversus. Characters in this game have skins, including support characters like Velma. Here are the currently available Velma skins you can adapt to in Multiversus.

All Velma Skins in Multiversus
Multiversus Velma Skins

Due to the nature of their characters, Velma and Shaggy both have a hilarious fighting theme. Along with her classic Orange outfit skin, there’s one more skin that the developers have decided to add to the game. Know more about the Velma skins in the following points:

  • Like other characters in the game, it is possible to use one more skin for Velma.
  • There are two Velma skins in the game, Announcer Pack Velma and the other one is Luau Velma.
  • The Announcer Pack Velma comes with her classic Orange outfit skin. It is possible to unlock this skin by purchasing it for 700 Gleamium.
  • The Luau Velma skin comes from the famous cartoon, Scooby-Doo, Where Are You? giving her a Hawaiian look This skin is available for purchase in exchange for 1500 Gleamium.
  • There’s another Velma skin in the game called Space Velma. Developers have not given any specific date regarding the release of the Space Velma skin. There is, however, no date set for when this skin will be released.

That’s all you should know about the Velma skins in Multiversus. Know a lot more about Velma through our detailed guide on her perks.