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Every Vehicle in Modern Warfare 2 [Explained]

Trying to figure out the best possible ride to traverse through the huge map of Modern Warfare 2? Read this guide to find out!

Like every newly released COD game, Modern Warfare 2 has introduced many new weapons, equipment and even vehicles to excite its loyal player base. The latest COD release is loaded with several vehicles for every situation, terrain and game modes. This year, Infinity has strived hard to make the vehicle gameplay in Modern Warfare 2, all the more realistic. There are a number of land, air and water transport vehicles in the game. Here’s everything you need to know about all these vehicles in Modern Warfare 2.


Modern Warfare 2: All Vehicles & their Uses

Uses of All Vehicles in Modern Warfare 2


This might be the smallest vehicle in the game but is also quite fast. It can carry 3 players on board while also offering the best traction as you glide through the map. However, it has a very low damage rating and can be extremely vulnerable during enemy attacks.

UTV (Utility Terrain Vehicle)

This is an Utility Terrain Vehicle which can accommodate 4 players. It has great mobility and can traverse through rough terrains but can’t withstand enemy attacks due to its low damage rating.


Tactical Vehicle (TAC-V)

TAC-V is an armored land vehicle that is mounted with a .50 cal machine gun. It can obliterate enemies at sight, handle a variety of terrains while also being quite adept at withstanding enemy attacks.


A typical civilian vehicle although its striking factor is that this car is covered with armor plating. It can protect you and your team as you travel through different areas in the map.


Chop Top

An open-air vehicle which looks like a jeep and is one of the most versatile and rapid-moving vehicles in MW2. However, due to its exposed design, it provides little protection against the enemy team’s onslaught.


This vehicle can accommodate at least 5 people. It is infamous for carrying out quick escapes and can also deal decent damage which is why it is regarded as a getaway vehicle in the game.


Cargo Truck

This truck is instrumental during large-scale invasions and also getaways and can hold numerous players on it. The truck is quite slow but can still offer decent protection against attacks.


The APC stands for armored personnel carrier and is capable of accommodating 12 players in all. However, out of the 12, only 6 of them can drive or shoot while the rest remain inactive in the vehicle as it goes from one place to another.

Light Tank

The light tank is far more versatile and has a multipurpose turret. However, the gunner seat is not covered and it has lighter armor which leaves it prone to getting blown up easily.

Heavy Tank

Undoubtedly, the heaviest vehicle on land, the heavy tank can devastate other vehicles and players with its sheer strength and a .50 cal machine gun. However, it’s fairly slow as compared to its smaller twin – The Light Tank.

Light Halo

It is a chopper which can carry 5 people in it including a pilot and can transport them quickly to different locations around the map.

Heavy Chopper

This chopper has a cargo bay that can fit several players at a time. It stays airborne while dropping players off at different locations around the map. Additionally, it’s well-stocked on armor and is also capable of deploying flares if need be.


The RHIB is a water transport vehicle that can ferry players around the map but it lacks any weapons or armory to defend itself from attacks.

Armored Patrol Boat

The Armored Patrol Boat is a weaponized version of the RHIB while also holding more players. With a .50 Cal machine gun mounted on it, it can defend those on the boat until they reach the drop-off point

Well, that’s the entire list of all the available vehicles in COD Modern Warfare 2 along with their uses. Make sure to check our COD MW2 guides section for more content like this.