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Far Cry 6 Vehicle Pickup Point Location & How To Save Vehicles?

Here's how to use the Vehicle Pickup point location to save new vehicles to your Garage for future use.

In Far Cry 6, you can save your vehicles to your Garage and call for them whenever you need them. This will help you navigate around the map much faster and if it’s a vehicle with guns attached to it, it will be of great use if you’re venturing into an enemy-infested area. So, what’s a vehicle pickup point and how to save rides to your collection? Find out here.

What is a Vehicle Pickup Point Location in Far Cry 6?


A Vehicle Pickup Point is marked by a green icon of any vehicle – car, helicopter or even a plane on the map. When you manage to kill enemies and steal a vehicle from them, you can bring it to a Vehicle Pickup Point. Then, you can call that specific vehicle from any Vehicle Pickup Point for delivery. Basically, it will get saved in your Garage aka your collection for future use.

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How to Add and Save Vehicles to Garage in Far Cry 6?

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Ensure that you park that vehicle within the blue outline and then exit that section. Head to a Phone which should be nearby and interact with it to check the vehicles list. You should see the newly added vehicle in the garage. Note that you can take any vehicle to any pickup point. It’s not mandatory to only bring a helicopter to a helipad, for example. You can bring a car to a helipad and it will still store that vehicle.

Also, remember that not all vehicles can be saved. I tried to test this out with a parked vehicle nearby and yep, it did not work. So you can only save those vehicles which are shown ‘locked’ within your Vehicle Pickup menu. To make it easy for you the game even notifies you on the right side of the screen, if the vehicle you’re driving can be saved or not.

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So, that’s all about the Far Cry 6 vehicle pickup point and how to save vehicles to garage to use them later. Now, if you need help with missions or certain sections of your objectives, unlocking weapons and more, we’ve got quite a few Far Cry 6 guides for you on Gamer Tweak.