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The Location Of Every Vault Symbol Location In Fortnite

Find all the Vault Symbols within the Pandora Rift Zone

Fortnite’s crossover event with Borderlands is up and running and with this it brings new challenges to the game, in this Mayhem crossover event you have look for different Vault Symbols in Fortnite and this guide will show you the exact location of every Vault Symbol in Fortnite.

Where to Find Vault Symbol in Fortnite

To begin with, it is blatantly clear that you will find all the Vault Symbols within the Pandora Rift Zone of the map, which has been a new addition to the map for this event.

Vault Symbol Location 1

The first Vault Symbol is right on the border of Paradise Palms and Fatal Fields. You can check the map for additional details but it is near the lake just near the rock formation.

Fortnite Vault Symbol Location

Vault Symbol Location 2

The second Vault Symbol is near the shack by the dinosaurs, you will have to go to the desert area beside the main road which goes up to Paradise Palms.

Fortnite Vault Symbol Location

Vault Symbol Location 3

For the third Vault Symbol, you will have to enter one of the bandit camps in the desert, just ahead on the road where you found the second Vault Symbol.

Fortnite Vault Symbol Location

The final and fourth Vault Symbol can be found on the Rift Zone in the northwestern area of the Oasis. You will see three yellow containers around the area and the symbol can be found on the middle container.

This is all there is to finding the Vault Symbols in Fortnite, make sure you check out other Fortnite guides for hidden tressure location, weapons, tips, tricks and cheats you can enable in fortnite.

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