What Is A Vassal In Humankind?

Here's everything you need to know about a Vassal in Humankind.

Becoming a Vassal in Humankind is one of the confusing relations you can have with another empire. Many players are wondering the basics of this relationship, how to get freedom, and even why you can’t purchase or establish trade routes between these empires. So if you looking for all these answers, then don’t worry you are at the right place. Today we will look at all about being a Vassal in Humankind.

What is a Vassal in Humankind?

A Vassal is an Empire that has become subordinate to another Empire in a particular game in Humankind. They are the empires that surrendered to another empire in a war during the game. Once surrendered, they become Vassal to the other empire who will be known as the Liege to the Vassal. This relation between the Vassal and the Liege is known as Vassalage in Humankind.


Vassals will have to pay “Money” as a tribute to their Liege every turn. All the internal matters of the Vassal will be determined by the Liege. This includes State Religion, Treaties, and also the Diplomatic States. If a Liege goes to war with another empire, a Vassal has to follow the Liege to the war and fight in it. Also, keep in mind that all Grievances and Demands related to a Vassal will be the responsibility of the Liege.

How to Turn an Empire Into a Vassal in Humankind?

To make an empire your Vassal, you will have to go to war with them and make them surrender. And from the “Surrender Terms”, you can choose the “Become a Vassal to…” option to make the losing empire your Vassal. Now you will not only receive money from the Vassal every turn, but you also have additional armies when a war breaks out with another empire.

How to Purchase or Establish Trade Routes With Vassal?

You cannot purchase or establish trade routes with your Vassal in Humankind because both Strategic Resources & Luxury Resources are shared between all Vassals and their Liege. Both Liege & Vassals can use each other’s resources in the game. This makes the use of purchasing resources or establishing trade routes unnecessary between them.

How to Get or Give Freedom to Vassal?

To get freedom in a Humankind game, a Vassal can Demand Freedom directly to their Liege. If the demand is not met then the Vassal can go to war with the Liege to get their freedom. If you are playing as the Liege, then you can give freedom to your Vassal by going to “Relation Tab”, and clicking on the “Grant Freedom” option.

As soon as the freedom is granted, Vassal will stop paying any tribute to the Liege. And they will get all the control of State Religion, Treaties, and the Diplomatic States back from the Liege. From this point onwards the Vassal will be considered as a separate empire from the previous Liege, thus all Grievances and Demands will now be handled by themselves.

That’s everything you need to know about Vassals in Humankind. If you need to know more tips & tricks like this, make sure to check out our Humankind Guides, right here on Gamer Tweak.