Vanguard Zero: Best Cards Tier List (2024)

Confused about picking the best card? Check out our Vanguard Zero tier list to find out the best cards ranked from best to worst.

Vanguard Zero is a virtual card game developed by Bushiroad that revolves around building the best deck with different character cards. Similar to most card-playing games, you have to gather the cards to build the strongest deck out of all. Every card has distinctive abilities from the characters you can use to destroy your enemies. But several players are confused about picking the right cards for the mid and late-game. Not to worry, we have compiled all the cards and placed them into different tiers ranging from S Tier to D Tier. So, check out our Vanguard Zero Cards tier list to find the best cards ranked from best to worst.

Vanguard Zero Card Tier List – Best Cards Ranked

vanguard zero best cards tier list

Here’s the best Vanguard Zero cards tier list ranking all the cards from best to worst:

Tiers Cards/Characters
S Tier Asura Kaiser
S Tier Battle Sister, Chocolat
S Tier Berserk Dragon
S Tier Blaster Blade
S Tier Burstraizer
S Tier CEO Amaterasu
S Tier Dragon Knight, Nehalem
S Tier Dragonic Overlord
S Tier Flash Shield, Iseult
S Tier Silent Tom
S Tier Solitary Knight, Gancelot
S Tier Twin Blader
S Tier Wyvern Guard, Barri
A Tier Dual Axe Archdragon
A Tier Embodiment of Armor, Bahr
A Tier Knight of Silence, Gallatin
A Tier Little Sage, Marron
A Tier Oracle Guardian, Gemini
A Tier Oracle Guardian, Wiseman
A Tier Seal Dragon, Blockade
A Tier Transraizer
A Tier Alfred Early
B Tier High Dog Breeder, Akane
B Tier King of Knights, Alfred
B Tier Wyvern Strike, Tejas
B Tier Swordsman of the Explosive Flames, Palamedes
B Tier Lake Maiden, Lien
B Tier Soul Saver Dragon
B Tier Dragon Monk, Gojo
B Tier Chain-attack Sutherland
B Tier Lizard Soldier, Raopia
B Tier Graphite Cannon Dragon
C Tier Battle Sister, Cocao
C Tier Maiden of Libra
C Tier Battle Sister, Mocha
C Tier Oracle Guardian, Red Eye
C Tier Promise Daughter
C Tier Goddess of Flower Divination, Sakuya
C Tier Meteor Break Wizard
C Tier Dark Cat
C Tier Brutal Attack
D Tier King of Sword
D Tier Tough Boy
D Tier Screaming and Dancing Announcer, Shout
D Tier Magician Girl, Kirara
D Tier Death Army Lady
D Tier Muscle Hercules
D Tier Death Metal Droid
D Tier Toolkit Boy

From the above tier list, it’s clear that we have placed all the cards or characters in their respective tiers. Starting from S Tier, these are the characters that are the most overpowered but rare to obtain. If you can’t find these cards, you should try getting the cards from A Tier. These cards or characters can be used situationally and with a perfect combination to lead you to win.

Speaking of the B Tier, these characters are best for early or mid-game. But as you progress with the game, try replacing them with the cards from S or A Tier. For the remaining C and D tiers, these are the least recommended cards or characters in Vanguard Zero. Nevertheless, you can try these characters out during the early game. We recommend replacing these characters with better ones as you progress.

As this tier list is from the Japanese version, you might not find a few characters in the English or Global version. We will update the tier list when new character cards are revealed for any versions.  

That’s everything covered about the Vanguard Zero Best cards tier list. If you liked this guide, check out more guides on our dedicated sections for more Tier Lists and Mobile guides right here on Gamer Tweak.