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Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution Guide (2022)

Find out the best item combinations for your weapons in Vampire Survivors

There are a plethora of permutations and combinations that you can do with the items and weapons to get different buffs that can be used for various purposes. Although this rogue-esque indie RPG is fairly simple, Vampire Survivors offers various effects and functionalities to weapons and their upgrades. In the game where you have to survive hoards of these eponymous vampires spawning and surrounding you, these different weapons and their special attacks become very important. So here are all the weapon evolution combinations along with the accessory required so you can get the best out of your weapons and dominate the matches in Vampire Survivors with the help of this guide.

Weapon Evolution in Vampire Survivors (2022)

Here’s the complete tangible list of all the weapon evolution in Vampire Survivors with the accessory required, and the resultant upgraded weapon. We have also mentioned the effective buffs and stat changes the upgrade offers for your convenience.

Vampire Survivors Weapon Evolution
Image Source: Ilyon on YouTube


  • Requirements: Bracer
  • Upgraded Weapon: Thousand Edge
  • Effects: Fire without delay


  • Requirements: Hollow Heart
  • Upgraded Weapon: Bloody Tear
  • Effects: Critical hit and absorb health

Magic Wand

  • Requirements: Empty Tome
  • Upgraded Weapon: Holy Wand
  • Effects: Fire without delay


  • Requirements: Candelabrador
  • Upgraded Weapon: Death Spiral
  • Effects: Pierces through enemies


  • Requirements: Clover
  • Upgraded Weapon: Heaven Sword
  • Effects: Critical Hit

King Bible

  • Requirements: Spellbinder
  • Upgraded Weapon: Unholy Vespers
  • Effects: Unlimited Use

Fire Wand

  • Requirements: Spinach
  • Upgraded Weapon: Hellfire
  • Effects: Pierces through enemies


  • Requirements: Pummarola
  • Upgraded Weapon: Soul Eater
  • Effects: Absorb health and increase stats

Santa Water

  • Requirements: Attractorb
  • Upgraded Weapon: La Borra
  • Effects: Attack puddles spawn and chase enemies


  • Requirements: Armor
  • Upgraded Weapon: NO FUTURE
  • Effects: Deals major retaliation damage

Lightning Ring

  • Requirements: Duplicator
  • Upgraded Weapon: Thunder Loop
  • Effects: Lightning strikes twice and clears a larger area


  • Requirements: Crown
  • Upgraded Weapon: Gorgeous Moon
  • Effects: Spawns more experience gems to pickup

Gatti Amari

  • Requirements: Stone Mask
  • Upgraded Weapon: Vicious Hunger
  • Effects: Enemies killed drop Gold Coins

Song of Mana

  • Requirements: Skull O’Maniac
  • Upgraded Weapon: Mannajja
  • Effects: Continually slows down enemies

Shadow Pinion

  • Requirements: Wings
  • Upgraded Weapon: Valkyrie Turner
  • Effects: Spikes are replaced with powerful flames

Victory Sword

  • Requirements: Torrona’s Box
  • Upgraded Weapon: Sole Solution
  • Effects: Makes enemies intangible with galaxy swirls

Clock Lancet

  • Requirements: Gold Ring + Silver Ring
  • Upgraded Weapon: Infinite Corridor
  • Effects: Reduces enemy’s health to 50%


  • Requirements: Metaglio Left + Metaglio Right
  • Upgraded Weapon: Crimson Shroud
  • Effects: Triggers a shield that makes the player invulnerable

That brings us to the end of the list of best Weapon Evolutions in Vampire Survivors. If you found this guide helpful, check out GamerTweak for more gaming content.