Leak Says Valve’s Deadlock Has A Roster Of 19 Characters

New Leak suggests that Valve’s Deadlock will feature an iconic roster of 19 characters.

According to the latest leak, Valve’s upcoming project known as Deadlock has a roster of 19 Characters (find the list below). A previous leak also suggested the same that this 6v6 Hero Shooter will feature 19 Characters from all kinds of Races like Humans, Vampires, Robots, etc. Thanks to a report by Insider Gaming, the entire roster is almost confirmed.

It is safe to say that each character will have its own playstyle, moveset, and battle role (tank, DPS, support), etc. While this isn’t confirmed the reports from Insider Gaming suggest that Valve is working on it.

Every Leaked Character from Valve’s Deadlock

leaked valve's deadlock character

Each character from Deadlock seems to have taken inspiration from the day-to-day characters we hear about. For example, there’s a Police Officer, a Bounty Hunter, a Warrior, etc. This makes the roster more appealing just like the popular Hero Shooter Overwatch 2. Anyway, here’s the entire list of characters appearing in Valve’s Deadlock:

  • Abrams – A gargoyle-demon-like character
  • Bebop – A Red robot with what looks like a missing eye
  • Dynamo – Another robot
  • Grey Talon – A Native American character
  • Haze
  • Infernus
  • Ivy – An Imp
  • Kelvin
  • Lady Geist
  • Lash – A warrior
  • McGinnis – A welder or blacksmith
  • Mo & Krill – A monkey and pig duo
  • Paradox
  • Pocket
  • Seven
  • Vindicta – A vampire-looking character
  • Warden – A police officer
  • Wraith – A bounty hunter
  • Yamato – A samurai-looking character

Besides the above characters, no other information like their role or abilities were revealed. This is understandable as this game is still in the developmental phase. That means a lot can change before we officially hear anything about Deadlock from Valve.

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