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Valorant: What Is The Queue Disabled Error?

Here’s everything you need to know about the Queue disabled error in Valorant

Valorant is what you get when you combine the format of Counter-Strike with the characters of Fortnite. It’s not even a year since Valorant was released and it already has a loyal fanbase playing it regularly. Recently many players have been getting the Queue disabled error. Given the popularity of the game, the error shines out on Twitter and Reddit as multiple people keep posting about it. Here’s everything you need to know about the Queue disable error in Valorant.

What Is The Queue Disabled Error In Valorant?


Valorant queue disabled
Players get the Queue disabled error when they are not able to connect to the game servers. This will mostly happen when the developers are launching an update. In recent times the frequency of the error has increased, sometimes there is an update coming but most of the time the game servers are down. One big reason for this can be the immensely growing popularity of the game which has resulted in overloading the servers. There is no official confirmation of the reason but this seems to be the most suspected reason for the Queue disabled error.

How to Fix It?

Unfortunately as of now, there is nothing you can do when you encounter the error. All you can do is wait for the servers to be fixed. The moment you encounter the error go on any social platform to check. Hundreds of people will be posting if the servers are down. We would also advise you to keep an eye on the game website and the developer’s social handles. This will help you in knowing if the servers are down or there is an update coming your way. Valorant players should be expecting more of these as the developers will be launching many new features in the game.


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