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Valorant: How To Play New Replication Game Mode

The new Replication mode brings some fancy changes!

Valorant is coming out with a new Replication Game Mode. This mode will be active until May 25th so make sure you get your hands on it soon. The game features new rules and a new gameplay experience. So, without further ado let’s find out more about the new Replication game mode.

Valorant Replication game mode rules


Best-of-nine Spike mode:

  • 80-second rounds.
  • 45-second pistol round, with 30-second subsequent rounds.

All players on the same team will play as the same Agent (e.g. 5 Sages against 5 Jetts).


  • Agent selection will happen in pre-match voting.

Abilities, minus ultimates, will get refreshed in each round.

  • You will gain +1 ultimate points per round at the start of the round, except in Overtime rounds.


Set amount of credits each round regardless of win/loss.

  • Per-round credit amounts:
    900, 2400, 3900, 6000

The weapon and shield will be reset each round.


If you get flashed twice within a 4-second window you will get a FLASHGUARD.

  • FLASHGUARD makes sure you don’t get blinded and has a 5-second duration.

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Replication Mode XP

XP stats are the same as unrated mode:
You will receive 100 XP per round and an additional 200 XP if you win the round.

Tips and Tricks for the Replication Mode in Valorant

  • Use your character abilities to the fullest.
  • Try fighting to your character’s strengths.
  • Develop a strategy with your team as you will all have the same characters.
  • Learn how to stack up your character abilities.
  • Do not worry about the losses as it is a super chill game mode.
  • Use all your Utility in the Replication rounds with reckless abandon.
  • Try experimenting with different gameplay styles and you will come out on top.

This is everything you need to know about the new Replication mode in Valorant. Here at Gamer Tweak we have covered Valorant in detail so make sure to check out our Valorant Guides section.