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How To Surrender In Valorant: Opt Out Of A Match

Is the match going out of your hands and do you want to leave the match as a team? Then use this Valorant how to surrender guide to know how to do it.

While playing, quite a lot of times, the match goes out of hand. It happens and you might feel like you are just waiting for the match to end and accept your imminent defeat. Well, with the highly anticipated ranked competitive mode that is now live, Riot games has also added the option to Surrender in Valorant. So, if your team wants to leave a match early or if you want to get out of a losing match, this guide will show you how to do it.

Valorant: How to Surrender


The process goes something like this.

  • You have to suggest your team to surrender the match through the chat. Bring up the chat box by pressing the Enter key.
  • Next, you have to type one of the following: /ff or forfeit or concede or surrender
  • Once you have made the suggestion, the rest of your team members will have to vote.
  • They need to type /yes or /no to cast their vote to surrender in Valorant. You can also press the F5 and F6 keys which are defaults.

The condition is that all members of the team need to vote with a /yes. Only then can the team surrender to the opponents.


That is not all though. You can’t surrender before the eighth round and your team can only call it once per half.

Once you call it, it will be queued to vote on for the next round, as per the Patch notes released by Riot Games. If it is called early in the buy phase, players will be able to vote immediately.

Lastly, the team that wins will get the round win credit for every round in order to bring them to the victory condition of 13 rounds. Likewise, the surrendering team will get loss credit. All of these conditions have been added to keep this new feature interesting for everyone playing. So, in case you feel like there’s still hope, don’t surrender yet. But if you don’t see a win for your team and the above conditions are fulfilled, go on and surrender in Valorant.


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