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Valorant: How To Submit Appeal For A Banned Account

Here is how you can remove your Account Ban in Valorant.

Often times in Valorant you might feel your account got banned for no reason and you need to unban it. While these instances are rare, they are still possible. And even if you do accidentally make a few mistakes you should be able to play the game after a few penalties. But if your Ban is serious, then here is how you can make a ban appeal to remove your Valorant account ban.

How to Unban your Valorant Account

valorant how to unban account

You can remove your Account Ban in Valorant by submitting a ticket or waiting for the penalty to get over. The Bans or Penalties in Valorant are of several types, and these are given to you based on your in-game behavior. We will check the different types of penalties in a bit, but for now, here is how you can submit an Unban appeal ticket:

  1. Go to the Penalties & Bans FAQ page.
  2. Scroll all the way down and click on the “/submit a ticket” button.
  3. Select the Request Type as “Recover my Account”.
  4. Choose “Ban/Suspension on my account” for the “How Did You Lose Access To Your Account?” option.
  5. Next, fill in your other details.
  6. Make sure you describe the issue correctly if the ban was unfair. Also, add any files like in-game screenshots or gameplay videos in the Attachments section if you have them. This should help unban your Valorant account faster if it got banned mistakenly.
  7. Finally, click on the Submit button below.

After Riot games verify the issue, they should unban your Valorant account if it was an unfair ban and get back to you about it.

Valorant Bans & Penalties List

  • Warnings
    • Reason: When you dodge maps frequently or if you are AFK for multiple rounds.
    • Duration: No duration you will just be warned to avoid dodging or being AFK.
  • XP Denial
    • Effect: You won’t get any XP for that match where you got this penalty.
    • Duration: 1 match
  • RR deduction
    • Reason: If you queue dodge or go AFK frequently even after warnings then you get -8 to -12 RR. This affects both when you win or lose matches.
    • Duration: 1 match
  • Queue Timer
    • Effect: You will only be able to play Custom games or practice in the Range until the restriction timer for queueing is over.
    • Duration: Starts at 3 minutes and can go up to 240 minutes.
  • Ranked restriction timer
    • Effect: You won’t be able to play Ranked matches until the timer runs out.
    • Duration: Can last anywhere between 7 to 14 days
  • Valorant ban
    • Effect: You won’t be able to play the game at all until the timer runs out.
    • Duration: Can last anywhere between 7 days to a permanent ban.

How to Avoid Getting Banned

The easiest thing you can do to avoid getting banned is to play the game while keeping your conduct well. So don’t dodge queues, go AFK, be toxic, or use your abilities on your teammates, and you should be fine. You should also avoid doing other things that can get you a potential ban. But if you already receive a penalty then avoid the same mistakes to not get them again.

That covers this guide on how to Unban your Valorant account and make a ban appeal. For more help on other such topics for this game be sure to check out our Valorant section.