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The Ultimate Guide on How to Play Cypher in Valorant

Cypher Guide

Cypher is an observer agent in Valorant, which is designed to control the movement of enemy fighters on the map. He has several interesting gadgets with which he finds out about the location of the enemy. This agent is good because if he manages to activate his gadget, the whole team will be notified about the location of this or that enemy, even in the event of the death of Cypher himself. In this Valorant guide for beginners, we will discuss his abilities and tell how to use them correctly.


We will start this Cypher guide with his first ability. In total, Cypher has two charges of this skill that can be purchased in the store. The agent sets it anywhere. When the enemy agent hits the trap, it explodes and signals about the opponent. After exploding, you can observe on the screen whet the enemy is.

It is best to set the Trapwire in a narrow passage so that its body is not visible to the enemy. The fact is that the enemy agent does not see the trap itself, but the mine that you attached to the wall is very visible. If the enemy notices it, then it will surely destroy it. Of course, this move will also make it clear what happens in that thone. But in this case, you will not see his movement on the screen.

Trapwire is a great tool in the fight against several enemies, especially if you are left alone. Just set it up in one of several walkways where enemies can appear and wait.

Cyber Cage

Cypher throws a cyber cell in front of him, which stays in that place until the end of the round. An agent can activate it at any time from any part of the map, simply pointing the center of the camera on it and pressing F. At the time of activation, the cell opens and creates a gray barrier around itself, which closes the view to all players. Also, it greatly slows down enemies who decide to go through it.


This gadget can be attached to any wall to see what happens in that part of the map. This is a very useful skill especially because it is restored automatically after some time. Also, with this skill, you can release tracking darts. Such darts mark opponents and make the visible while the camera is active. As soon as the camera is destroyed, the enemy ceases to be displayed on the screen of Cypher and the entire team.

Many Valorant newcomers make a fatal mistake when using this gadget. They leave their character unprotected. The fact is that when you activate the camera, then you lose control over the main character at this period. Therefore, before using the camera, make sure that you are in a safe place.

Neural Theft

This skill is an ultimatum. It can be charged by killing enemies or by collecting spheres on the game map. After killing any enemy agent, a certain time is given to activate this ability. If you have a dead body in front of you, press the X key, and see how much time is left until the end of the data transfer. The time will be shown over the enemy’s corpse. If there is still time, go up to it and activate the Neural Theft. At this point, the gadget will extract and show the location of all enemy agents that are currently alive. Not only Cypher, but the whole team will see their location.

Cypher is a very useful character if you play together with a team. However, it is worth studying how to play Cypher first.