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Ascent Map Valorant: Things You Should Know About This Map

This will remind you of a classic map

Valorant’s launch brought a range of changes and additions to the game we saw in closed beta. With a new game mode called Spike Rush, a new agent named Reyna, there’s also a new Valorant Map – Ascent. In this Valorant map article, we will take a look at some of the features of Ascent map Valorant that you should know.

Valorant Ascent Map Features

Riot Games has describe Ascent Map as an “open playground for small wars of position”. It’s set in Venice, Italy and has a great aesthetic. The map has an A bombsite and a B bombsite as well as a mid area. The mid area is what will change the game essentially and give more of a boost to either the defenders or the attackers.

The map reminds us of the classic De_Dust 2 map from Counter Strike and has all the elements to please Valorant fans as well as players who love FPS games.

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Ascent has the feature of toggle doors that open and close. The defenders can make a door that only opens from their side. But that won’t be keep the attackers away for long because the door can be broken with melee or ranged weapons. That would also mean that the attackers will have to reveal their location to the defenders in doing so.

During the fight as attackers, when you successfully take control of the mid area, additional routes will open up towards both of the Spike sites.

The A bombsite is located on the east whereas the B bombsite is located on the west side. On the B site, there are a lot of angles that you can take advantage of to surprise your opponents. There are also two Orbs that are placed around the A and B Main areas, but will be visible to enemies who are at standing a height.

Map Callouts

The callouts of the Ascent Map in Valorant are as follows:

  • A window
  • A Rafters
  • A Garden
  • A Link
  • A Main
  • A Wine
  • A Lobby
  • B Back
  • B Main
  • B Lobby
  • Mid Market
  • Mid Bottom
  • Mid Pizza
  • Mid Courtyard
  • Mid Link
  • Mid Catwalk
  • Mid Cubby
  • Mid Top

ascent-map-valorantThe new addition of Ascent map in Valorant has been a welcome one. We can’t wait to see what else Riot Games has in store for the future.

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