How To Play On Ascent Map In Valorant

Here are some tips for playing on Ascent in Valorant.

Ascent is a map on Valorant that is preferred by many players. Be it holding a site or pushing it. You can easily control the match if you know what you are doing. So without further ado here is everything about this map that you should know like its features, best strategies, callouts, and more.

Ascent Map Layout in Valorant & Callouts

valorant ascent map guide strategies callouts and more

Ascent is one of the simpler maps in the game. It only has 3 areas, that is A site, B site, and mid. But knowing which area to peak, when and from where to rotate can help change the tides of battle. To understand the map better, refer to the above image and check out the callouts to use.

  • A Window
  • A Rafters
  • A Garden
  • A Tree/Link
  • A Main
  • A Wine
  • A Lobby
  • A Site
  • B Site
  • B Boathouse/Back
  • B Main
  • B Lobby
  • Defender Side or CT
  • Attacker Side or T
  • Mid Market
  • Mid Bottom
  • Mid Pizza
  • Mid Courtyard
  • Mid Link
  • Mid Catwalk
  • Mid Cubby
  • Mid Top

You should use these callouts to alert your teammates where you spot the enemy.

One of the unique features of this map is that it has breakable mechanical doors on both sites. So this is another thing that you should take advantage of while playing.

How to Push in Ascent

Like most maps, it is best if you have some smokes or any other controller in your team. While pushing site A you could either go from A Main, Mid Catwalk to A Tree or go all the way to Defender Spawn from Mid Courtyard. Depending on your team composition plan out if you should play together and push from A Main. Or spread out and try getting picks before deciding which site to commit to.

B feels more restricted than A. Here you have only two options, either push from B Main or push from Mid Courtyard to Mid Market and then to the site. Arguably you could go all the way back to defender spawn but it would be faster to push from Mid Market. Try using smokes and flashes to enter the site. This tip also applies when pushing A.

How to Defend in Ascent

The responsibility of defending comes down a lot to the Sentinels on your team. For example, Sage can wall the main entrance to A and can check A Tree. This way Sage gets to hold only 1 angle while not having to worry about A main, at least for some time.

Let’s take another case but this time for the B site. KJ can place her turret on the barrels of B site. So the moment an enemy peaks they get attacked. Next, she can place swarm grenades on the entrance to B site and open them this will deplete the enemy HP a lot or might even kill them while they rush toward the site.

While there is no fixed way to defend a site. The best formation for Ascent is each player holds an area. And specifically, these areas are:

  • A Main
  • A Tree
  • Mid Bottom
  • Mid Market
  • B Main

That is all for how to play on Ascent in Valorant, its features, callouts, and strategies. For more help with this game be sure to check out our Valorant section.