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Valorant’s Anti-Cheat Program ‘Vanguard’ Causing Hardware Issues

This Looks Bad

Anti-Cheat software has been notorious with damaging the gaming experience and it looks like Valorant is the newest casualty in this case. It looks like Valorant’s Anti-Cheat program Vanguard has gone rogue.

By going rogue we do mean that it looks like it has a mind of its own and has been causing a ton of issues to the player’s hardware. Players are getting the Vanguard Anti-Cheat error and this has resulted in peripherals being shut down by the software.


Usually, Riot Games have known to be answering the communities’ questions quickly in their subreddit but as of the time of writing this, no answer has been provided. Other games like Fortnite and PUBG too has had issues with such kind of anti-cheat programs.


While Valorant hasn’t specifically said anything about the anti-cheat software in general. They are launching a server update to hopefully take out all the issues affecting the game.

Valorant has burst on to the scene making it an invite-only beta game and this exclusivity is pushing Valorant’s chances up high as more and more players are looking to get into the game with Stream drops.

Valorant has given streamers a new game to obsess about and streamers like Dizzy, Aceu, and Shroud have been streaming Valorant a lot lately.