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Valheim: How To Unlock Sharp Stakes – Wooden Spikes

Here's how to unlock and build Sharp Stakes (Wooden Spikes) in Valheim.

Shap Stakes unofficially known as Wooden Spikes in Valgeim is one of the best structures you can use to protect your perimeter, along with Stakewall. Although Stakewall can be built early on in the game, Sharp Stakes will be locked for some players. So you will need to unlock them first. Here’s how to unlock and build Sharp Stakes (Wooden Spikes) in Valheim.

How to Unlock Sharp Stakes – Wooden Spikes in Valheim?

To unlock Sharp Stakes – Wooden Spikes in Valheim, you need to collect Core wood from the Black Forest. You will need to use a Stone axe and chop Pine Trees. It is found in Black Fores and can be differentiated by its tall & skinny trunk. Pine can also be grown from Pinecones using a cultivator to plant them. Once you get Core Wood, then you can use Workbench of any level to craft Sharp stakes. You will need 6x Wood & 4x Core wood.

Valheim Wooden Spikes

Once unlocked you can build as many as you need to protect your perimeter. They will deal 20 damage to any creatures or players trying to enter the location. The Wooden Spikes will lose durability as they deal more damage. It has 200 Durability & takes the size of 2×2 tiles. Upon dismantling they do not return any crafting materials at all. They are a great way to keep your base safe from small creatures. Bigger creatures will try to outsmart you by going around the defense. The core wood cost will make you plan & plant Wooden Spikes strategically.

Sharp Stakes causes damage to anything that touches the sharp side, including your character. If you are having trouble entering your premises then you can use Stakewall. Unlike other wooden structures left out in rain, Stake Walls do not take damage at all. That’s perfect as a fence. Plus it does not need core wood. You only need Wood x4 to build one, and it has 1,000 Durability. You can stand in the middle of the Sharp Stakes without taking damage. So now you the differences between both Sharp Stakes & Stakewall, you can choose the one that fits your playstyle. We suggest using both and placing the Stakes strategically in your game.

So, that’s all that’s known about how to unlock and build Sharp Stakes (Wooden Spikes) in Valheim. But while you are here, & want to know some more hidden tips and tricks, why not check out our Valheim wiki? It’s a treasure chest of information you don’t want to miss.