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How To Recover Items After Death In Valheim?

Curious to know how to retrieve items that you were carrying after you die? Here's what you need to do.

Valheim is a survival game and if the dangers around you overpower you and you die, you will end up being a tombstone with your name on it. What happens to the items you were carrying? They will be ‘lost’ there because you will end up respawning at your bed or at the starting area. Be aware that you can even die due to a log of tree so you need to ensure that you manage the items you are carrying properly. If you are carrying everything of importance at once, then you will have to make the trip back there to get them back. For players who have died in the game and want to know how to recover items after death in Valheim, keep reading this article.

How to Retrieve Items after Dying in Valheim?

How To Recover Items After Death In Valheim
When you die, you become a tombstone on that location, unless you get a bug where the tombstone disappears.

The death mechanic in Valheim allows you to travel back to the place where you died in order to get the items you were carrying at that time. Technically, these items aren’t lost – you will see them on the map with the symbol of a skull and bones. This is where you have to go to recover items in Valheim.

tombstone location on map valheim

On the way back to those items, you may face more dangers. If you fail to reach your tombstone, any other player who finds it can access it and take it. So, if you have friends who you cannot trust, they will most likely steal your stuff.

In case of death while you are heading back to your tombstone, the previous marker will be gone and replaced by the new one but the tombstone will remain. You won’t lose those items. To be safe, go ahead and mark the tombstone location manually.

For those curious to know about death at sea, you will not lose items there either. You will get a tombstone that floats and you can get back to it at a later time. Make sure you head back there with a strategy because you want to sneakily retrieve your items before you can face enemies again. This tip is applicable when you are on land as well.

Getting Back Lost Items After Death

how to get back items after you die in valheim
Make sure you have enough inventory space to take back the items.

When you do reach the location on time and before others, you will get those items back in your inventory automatically if you have the space for it. If not, you will have to do things manually. Also remember that you will lose 5% of your skill levels when you die so you must do everything in your power to not die. There’s also something called the No Skill Drain which is an effect that applies after death. This will let you prevent more Skill EXP loss if new death occurs in the next 600s.

The game is in early access right now so there could be a bug where the tombstone disappears but it’s a rare case. Keep in mind that the tombstone will not expire if the server is closed by the players.

These were all the things to remember regarding the death penalty. Go ahead and recover the items after death in Valheim and continue your adventure. For more such questions answered, head over to our Valheim wiki guide.