Valheim Controller Support: Can You Use A Controller To Play?

Is there Controller Support in Valheim? Here's what you need to know.

Valheim released on Windows and Linux in February and gained a lot of popularity fast. In two weeks from launch, it sold more than two million copies which is a huge feat. This has made more players curious to try out this game but many are wondering – is there controller support in Valheim? Sure, most players will play this game with a keyboard and a mouse but if you enjoy using a controller for a game like this, get your answer in this guide.

Valheim: Is there Controller Support?

valheim is there controller support

Can you use a Controller to play Valheim? The answer is yes there is Controller support but it is not full-fledged as of now. Fans of controllers will be able to play but if you are heading in expecting full support, then you may be a bit disappointed. On Steam, it says that the game has Partial Controller support. It is expected that when the full game launches, the gamepad support will be improved as well.

What does Partial Controller Support Mean?

Sometimes, players have to use a mouse to do certain actions. But other than that, their controllers work fine with the game. Players have commented on Reddit threads that they are using a PS5 controller with Steam as well as 360 controller and they aren’t getting many issues. But some say that they are not able to repair tools with the controller and some are not even able to get the game to recognize the gamepad.

There are also some complaints that players aren’t able to change the button mapping because it only further complicates things. Those who are unable to drop items with the controllers are getting a workaround though. According to Redditor GrayMag1, you can drop and split by using a sequence of triggers. To Drop you have to press Right trigger and A. To Split, you have to press Left Trigger and A.

So basically there are minor issues that you will have to face while playing Valheim with a controller. This is why it says Partial Controller support on Steam right now. Although the controller support in Valheim is limited, it will surely be enhanced as the game fully launches.

With that cleared up, in case you are searching for some resources in the game or want to know how to beat certain enemies, check out our Valheim wiki guide for all the answers.