Valheim Character Name Ideas List

Looking for Norse names from the Viking age to keep as your character name in Valheim? Check out this list!

Valheim is the game everyone is talking about currently, and rightly so because it is a very well-made game that takes you into the 10th Norse World. It’s a world where you can craft weapons, slay mythical beasts and build strong structures. But before heading into that, you will have to customize your character and most importantly, name it. For those looking for Valheim Character Name Ideas, here’s a list of Viking/Norse names that can help you out. Plus, know if you can change your name in Valheim or not.

50 Best Valheim Character Name Ideas

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Since the game is Viking-themed, of course, having Viking Names is the way to make it feel more realistic. The Valkyries have taken your soul to this world and you must venture into the dark forests, dangerous swamps and climb tall mountains to prove yourself to the Allfather. So, here are some Valheim Character name ideas that will give you a name that a powerful Viking deserves. If you are aware of the Mythology or have watched movies, shows related to Vikings or even played AC Valhalla, many of these will be already familiar to you.

Male Names for Valheim

  1. Bjorn
  2. Ragnar
  3. Gorm
  4. Knud
  5. Svend
  6. Ulf
  7. Trygve
  8. Floki
  9. Ivarr
  10. Rollo
  11. Halfdan
  12. Sigurd
  13. Svein
  14. Leif
  15. Gunnar
  16. Jarl
  17. Holger
  18. Ulrik
  19. Osmond
  20. Viggo
  21. Magnus
  22. Balder
  23. Heimdall
  24. Njord
  25. Tyr
  26. Vidar
  27. Fenrir
  28. Skoll
  29. Arne
  30. Gandalf

Female Names for Valheim

  1. Tove
  2. Inga
  3. Helga / Helgi
  4. Thyra
  5. Lagertha
  6. Torvi
  7. Aslaug
  8. Freydis
  9. Ingrid
  10. Astrid
  11. Porunn
  12. Gyda
  13. Thorunn
  14. Thyri
  15. Gudrid
  16. Thora
  17. Yrsa
  18. Sigrid
  19. Freya
  20. Revna

Many of these names are based on Gods, or have a deep meaning so use any of these for your Viking adventures. But what if you change your mind, can you change your character name in Valheim? Is that possible?

How to Change Character Name in Valheim?

As of now, there is no way to change your character name in Valheim. The same goes for your character’s appearance, once you have chosen your character’s hair, beard, skin tone, gender etc, you cannot change it. Let’s wait and see if the developers offer the chance to change your name as well as appearance in the updates or final launched game. If Odin wills it, we will get these options soon enough. Until then, make sure to choose your Character name wisely and carefully.

Once you have hopped in the game, you will see that the game encourages you to explore and discover things on your own. But to save your time and ensure that you have an awesome playthrough, you can use the tips in our Valheim wiki. You will know where to build your first base, which items to craft and understand the Biomes and the dangers lurking within them.