How To Add Admins To A Valheim Server

Here's how to add admins to both local & dedicated Valheim servers.

If you are wondering how to add admins to your Valheim server, then you have come to the right place. By adding one of the players (preferably one of your friends) you can grant them access to using the administrator commands in the server. Read on to find how to do this.

How to Add Admins to a Valheim Dedicated Server?

You can either create and host your dedicated server either locally or in a remote location. You can also rent a server from a Valheim host provider if you’d like. To add admins to a server you will need to collect their Steam 64 IDs. You can find it in the log console once they log in to the server (use the F2 key). Using this Steam 64 IDs, here are the steps to add a player as admin to your Valheim Dedicated Server:

  • Collect the Steam 64 IDs of the player.
  • Find and open the file adminlist.txt in the Valheim server’s root directory.
  • You need to add every Steam 64 ID on its line in the text file.
  • Save & close the file, and then restart the server to grant them admin command access.

But if your Dedicated Server host is in a different location then:

  • Open server management panel
  • Select WebFTP and open adminlist.txt in valheim/.config/unity3d/IronGate/Valheim/
  • Add every Steam 64 IDs on each line one below the other in the text file.
  • Save the file, and close the text file.
  • Restart the server to grant them admin command access.

Add admins to Valheim serverKeep in mind that dedicated servers only allow the players to use moderation commands. To use more options via “devcommands“, you need to host the game on a local server. Make sure to enable console commands by reading this article here. This command can be only used by a single player. This cheat will not work for the newly added admins in both local and dedicated servers.

How to Add Admins to a Valheim Local Server?

When you start a new Valheim game from the main menu “Start Game”, you are the admin when you create or join a server from here. You will receive all the admin commands as you are the owner of your new game server. You can also add your friends as admins to your local server from the below path in your windows drive. Once you find this folder you can add admin by using the same steps mentioned above used to add admins in dedicated servers.

That’s everything you need to know about adding admins to Valheim servers. While you’re here, get more hidden secrets in our Valheim Wiki Guide. Also, check out more tips & tricks that will help you level up your gameplay in our Valheim guides.