V Rising Weapon Tier List – Best Weapons Ranked

Phil James
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If you are looking for the best V Rising Weapon Tier List with all the weapons in the game ranked, you are in the right place. We have compiled the list of all the ranged and melee types you can get in the game even up to the latest updated ones. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it and find the best weapons to pick right now in the game.

Best V Rising Weapon Tier List

Best V Rising Weapon Tier List All Weapons Ranked

Here are all the best weapons in our V Rising  Weapon Tier List:

Tiers V Rising Weapons
S+ Tier Sword
S Tier Slashers
A+ Tier Axes
A Tier Reaper
B Tier Mace
C Tier Spear
D Tier Crossbow

These weapons are ranked according to our opinions, and you might find them different for your gameplay. Also, different weapons are better than others when using them in PVE or PVP modes. So today we’ll share our opinions on why we feel like this Tier makes the most sense to us.

Sword (Best V Rising Weapon)

Even though Sword types are among the first weapons you get in the game, they are really good with their dependable DPS rate and skill versatility. Their main abilities are Whirlwind and Shockwave. Whirlwind will let you deal 35% damage while spinning & slicing all the enemies that try to surround you. A quick way to get out of trouble.

Then the Shockwave will let out a projectile, dealing 70% physical damage & will launch the enemies into the air. You can recast this to quickly teleport to your enemies and attacks them with 3 strikes dealing 25% damage each.


Once you beat ‘Quincy the Bandit King’ you can unlock Slashers recipe. These daggers are very efficient to stop your enemies in their tracks. What they lack in DPS is handled by their speed and abilities. Their main abilities are Elusive Strike & Camouflage. Elusive Strike lets you rapidly hit your enemies multiple times with each hit dealing 60% damage. Additionally, they will allow your targets for a whole 2 seconds. That’s a pretty good ability to gain control over the enemies easily.

Camouflage ability will let you hide from your enemies for a whole 6 seconds! This ability is really good for sneaking behind enemies with it’s 25% speed boost, and dealing an attack with 80% damage. This ability is very similar to skills of the ‘thief’ class with the ability to ‘backstab’ in other games. Overall Slashers are very efficient in fast response gameplay and dealing ATK very quickly.


Axes are easy to get your hands on right from the tutorial, as the Spears & Swords. But even though you find them slow and only good enough for chopping down trees, they are mighty enough to chop down enemies too. Yes, they are slow, but they have higher damage output than both Spears & Swords. Moreover, their abilities, Frenzy & X-Strike are not bad at all.

Frenzy will boost your ATK 30%, and 25% increase speed (only if you hit the target), all while dealing a whopping 100% extra damage to enemies. That’s every awesome to use again the bosses. And if you looking to keep your enemies at the bay, X-Strike will allow you to throw axes at enemies for 85% damage, while slowing them down for a whole 2 seconds. A really handy ability considering the Axe’s ATK speed.

Reaper, Mace, Spear, & Crossbow

Reaper is slow, making it very hard for us to use in PVP. But for PVE, it is a flexible weapon to deal damage to a vast area. Maces being the slowest in the game was only useful for our plays against the bosses. For rest, other weapons covered everything that a mace lacks.

Spear was really good in what it does best, using the abilities in PVP. Some of our friends insist Spear to be a higher rank, but as I said for me other Axes, Swords, & Slashers were suited to my playstyle. That’s the only reason I ranked them lower due to my experience. If you really enjoy the Spears then you should really go for it.

And finally, we have the Crossbow. With a slow fire rate and not-so-great ATK, Crossbows are best suited to be a support weapon in range. It has its own special abilities, but playing a good chunk of the game with just Crossbow made it evident when we had to rank it low in this tier list.

That’s all about the best weapons in our V Rising Weapon Tier List. While you are here, make sure to check out our other Tier Lists & also our V Rising Guides for more tips & tricks.