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Pokemon Legends Arceus Uxie’s Trial Eyes Puzzle Answers (Solved)

Learn the answer to Uxie's Trial Eyes Puzzle in Pokemon Legends Arceus from this guide.

Uxie is a Legendary Pokemon that is a part of the Lake Guardians along with Azelf & Mesprit from the Sinnoh Region. Since Pokemon Legends Arceus is based in Sinnoh from an older Time, you will be encountering these three Legendaries. As you encounter Uxie, you will be bestowed with a question of the Trial Eyes Puzzle. You will have to answer it to get the Piece Of Spirit. But how do you answer the Puzzle? If you don’t know the solution then you have come to the right place. In this guide, I will show you the Answer to Uxie Trial – Eyes Puzzle in Pokemon Legends Arceus.

Answer to How Many Eyes Uxie Trial Puzzle in Pokemon Legends Arceus?


uxie trial eyes puzzle pokemon legends arceus

When you complete the main story of Pokemon Legends Arceus, you will be able to accept the Researcher of Myths Quest. In this Quest, you will be going to Lake Acuity in Alabaster Icelands by following the markers from the Plate of the Lakes quest. You will get this quest by talking to Cogita. Once you reach Lake Acuity, you will find a Cave entrance in the middle of the Lake. Once you have entered, Uxie will appear in front of you. Here is where it will ask you its Trail – Eyes Puzzle. The Trail-Eyes Puzzle from Uxie will ask you how many Eyes the following Pokemon have individually:

  • Combee – 6 Eyes
  • Zubat – 0 Eyes
  • Unown – 1 Eye
  • Magneton – 3 Eyes
  • Dusclops – 1 Eye


So based on the list above, the answer to Uxie’s Trail-Eyes Puzzle in Pokemon Legends Arceus is 60131. Type this and Uxie will give the Piece of Spirit. You will be facing similar trails with the other Lake Guardian Pokemon. Although theirs will be easier than Uxie’s Trail-Eyes Puzzle. This was all about answering Uxie’s Trail-Eyes Puzzle in Pokemon Legends Arceus. Hopefully, this guide has helped you. You can also check our guide on How To Craft Items in Pokemon Legends Arceus.