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How To Use The Repulsor In Halo Infinite

Here's all you need to know about how to use the Repulsor in Halo Infinite. Find out how this tool will come in handy during the game.

Halo Infinite has a large and creative set of tools and weapons that are available at the player’s disposal. Let’s take a look at one of those tools, the Repulsor, and learn how to use it. If you have been playing a lot of Halo Infinite and wish how to use the Repulsor? This is the guide for you.

What is the Repulsor?


The Repulsor, a name now synonymous with Iron-man is a cutting-edge piece of technology that’s available for pick-up in Halo Infinite. While it has nothing to do with Iron-man, the repulsor is quite the tool to have and can come in clutch in many situations. As the name suggests, the repulsor pushes things back. Not only that, but it also sends a shockwave that pushes and sends both vehicles and enemies flying back. It’s an equipment pick-up available in-game and if you have one on you, you can use it 5 times. Naturally, if you die while holding one, you’ll lose it.

How to Use the Repulsor in Halo Infinite?

Just like most of the tools in Halo Infinite, the usage of the Repulsor depends on your creativity and the sky is the limit. However, here are some of its uses:


  • The Repulsor can be used to push grenades back to where they came from. This works for Frag grenades and Plasma grenades, Spike grenades remain unaffected.
  • Since it pushes enemy grenades back where they came from, you can get creative and push your grenades away too! Be it because you accidentally dropped one or if you want to chuck away at a longer distance in the name of strategy.
  • Just like grenades, the Repulsor can also push back rockets coming your way, the timing of that however can be a bit tricky.
  • The Repulsor can also be used to push away vehicles like Warthogs, Banshees, Ghosts, etc. So if you see one charging towards you, trying to run you over, scream “Surprise!” and push that sucker back.
  • Your allies can also be pushed away which can lead to some funny moments and strategic placements/ quick travel among your friends.
  • If you happen to face an enemy who is backed up against a wall then you can use the Repulsor to push said enemy into the wall for an instant kill.
  • If someone is grappling towards you, you can use this bad boy to push them back the way they came from which never gets old.
  • This tool can also be used to push weapons towards your allies and can be used for traversal as it’ll help you get atop hard-to-reach places.
  • Finally, since the Repulsor pushes things back (surprise surprise), you can use it to push enemies and vehicles off the map for quick and easy kills.

Here’s the Repulsor in action:


These have been some of the ways the Repulsor comes in handy but as I mentioned, with Halo Infinite and its sandbox, all the tools available can be used in a numerous number of ways with borderline Infinite combinations based on how creative you can get. So make sure to take this bad boy for a spin and try ways to master it and for everything else, Halo Infinite, check out more here at GamerTweak.