Splatoon 3 Ninja Squid: Ability & Effects – How To Use It

Here's a guide on the ability and effects of the Ninja Squid in Splatoon 3.

Splatoon 3 is the latest installment of the long-running Splatoon franchise. While in the Splatlands, you need to be a part of either the Inklings or the Octolings. While returning players await in the excitement about what’s new in the Splatlands, the new ones are still getting accustomed to it. In Splatoon 3, there are numerous abilities that you will collect alongside your gear pieces. These will help you in battle and in progressing further in the game. One such ability is the Ninja Squid and in this guide, we will show you how to use it. Since you are here, you want to know about this ability too and this guide will cover you. So let’s check out this guide and see how to use the Ninja Squid in Splatoon 3.

How to Use Ninja Squid in Splatoon 3

Splatoon 3 Ninja Squid Ability and Effects

Ninja Squid is one of the best Gear Ability that you can use in the game. While you cannot use it with every gear, having this ability in the Splatlands will be very useful for you. The effects that Ninja Squid has will be quite helpful even though it is not without drawbacks.

While using Ninja Squid in Splatoon 3, you will not leave any trace when you swim in inked grounds. This allows you to sneak up on your opponents and you should always use this with a close ranged weapon.

However, this gear ability does have its own drawbacks. Your movement speed while swimming will become very slow compared to normal. Along with that, this ability will not be useful while you climb walls. While you can improve speed by using Swim Speed Up, there is no solution for the ripple effects on the wall.

Gear List to Use Ninja Squid

While we already mentioned it earlier, still a repeat comes to no harm. You cannot use the Ninja Squid ability with every gear. Since it works only with a few, you need to know which ones these gears are. At the time of writing, these gears can be used for Ninja Squid to work for you in Splatoon 3:

  • Black Polo
  • Sudadera Celeste
  • Tan Retro Tee
  • Matcha Down Jacket
  • Business Animal

That’s all there is on how to use Ninja Squid in Splatoon 3. While you are here, make sure you check out our Splatoon 3 guides for more content with Gamer Tweak.

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