How to setup Keyboard and Mouse on Xbox Series X or S?

Hate controllers? Well you can connect a USB keyboard or mouse to the Xbox console. Read this to know more.

If you are a PC gamers and finding yourself hard to get adjusted with the Xbox controller then you can manage it with a standard usb keyboard and mouse. I will share details on does Xbox Series X or S supports a Bluetooth keyboard/mouse or a USB 3.0 keyboard/mouse, etc. Also if you can play games on Xbox Series X or S using keyboard and mouse?

How to connect a Keyboard and Mouse to Xbox Series X or S?

Xbox Series X or S comes with a universal controller, coming to a USB you can connect it directly to the next-gen console. Connect a standard usb keyboard directly to the Xbox Series X or S usb port. The console will detect it and you can control the console menu using the same.

If Xbox Series X or S fails to detect the USB wait for sometime. Microsoft has provided support for usb devices to the console, but to an extent some of them will not work. You can control the game menu or use browser on the console. But when it comes to gaming you cannot just a keyboard on Xbox for playing the game.

How to connect a wireless mouse and keyboard on Xbox Series X or S?

All games have controller binding and it is really tough to re-assign everything to a usb keyboard. When it comes to bluetooth keyboard and mouse not all of them are supported at Xbox Series X or S. By default all next gen console supports all usb receivers, so to an extent you can just plug and play a wireless keyboard and mouse to the Xbox Series X or S. There is no special settings for the same.

The only benefit you will have is increase your typing while searching in a browser or finding your favorite game on the store. Typing something with the controller is not easy, this where the keyboard goes well. The challenge is applying this on games but to an extent the same is not possible. Default plug and play devices work well with controlling console’s menu while there are rare games which comes with combo settings of controller + keyboard mouse.

Which is the best compatible keyboard and mouse for Xbox Series X or S?

Xbox Wireless Adapter

All latest models work well with consoles, you can also purchase compatible USB adapters to use the peripheral if plug and play system is not working. There are some dedicated manufacturer’s who sell USB adapters compatible with Xbox Series X or S.  One of them is Xbox Wireless Adapter sold by Microsoft. The benefit of buying this accessory is it allows you to hook upto 8 wireless devices to the console.

Let say you can connect 8 different Xbox controller and enjoy a couch gaming session with friends and family.  If you are having one of these compatible adapter or a product you can use it well. As far as gaming is concerned enjoying it on controller is more fun.