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Halo Infinite How To Use Grappling Hook

Here's how to use Grappling Hook in Halo Infinite multiplayer.

We saw it in the previews and now we get to play with it. The grappling hook in Halo Infinite is the fancy new toy added to our kit. In this article, we’ll take look at how to use a grappling hook in Halo Infinite multiplayer. We will also go through its functionality, uses, and how it changes the way we play Halo.

How to Use Grappling Hook in Halo Infinite


The grappling hook caught everybody’s attention when Microsoft first showed us some gameplay for Halo Infinite. While we have seen a grappling hook in many shooters over the years, when it comes to Halo, it’s different because Halo provides a very different first-person shooter experience compared to its competition. So, without further ado, let’s take a look at how a grappling hook changes the Halo landscape.

What is the Grappling Hook?

The grappling hook is a new tool just like the jetpack and the bubble shield and acts as a pickup in halo Infinite. This new accessory not only acts as a gameplay addition but also has lore behind it telling us why Master Chief started using this now instead of years ago. The grappling hook is part of the Mjolnir Exo suit and will come with its own set of upgrades and functions in the campaign, come December 8th. Multiplayer is what we have right now and this tiny new tool makes itself useful splendidly in the game. Let’s take a look.


Grappling Hook Halo Infinite

How to Use Grappling Hook in Halo Infinite?

The Grappling Hook in Halo Infinite Multiplayer can be used to traverse long distances, heights, on a map, and let you pull any weapons or players towards you. This is useful when you are near a pick-up or you kill an enemy Spartan who drops a gun you fancy. So instead of running all the way and looking down on it to pick it up, you simply press a button and it flies into your arm. This changes the game in ways unimaginable. Period. But that’s not all this beautiful hook does, You can scale areas pretty quickly by attaching yourself to practically any surface which adds a lot of verticality to the maps and if you happen to be the only one who possesses a hook, you can relax at a vantage point and pick enemies as you go. What was it that Obi Kenobi said? “I have the high ground Anakin!”.


Other than that you can also attach yourself to enemies and which will reel you in towards them. This helps because you can put a few bullets into another Spartan from a distance and then swoop in and punch his/her dome for a quick kill. It’d have been cool if you can pull someone towards you and scream “get over here!” like Scorpion, but hey, what we got is really neat.

In a big team battle you can use the hook to latch onto enemy vehicles and hijack them at a moment’s notice, so, yeah, think about that one. Doesn’t need much explaining, does it? These are just some ways the grappling hook makes itself useful and is a very welcome addition to the Halo arsenal but I can assure you that’s not all. Plus, with how creative players can get we’ll have to see what crazy videos and tricks surface on YouTube and online with someone Spider-manning all over the place using this cutting edge piece of tech.

Grappling Hook in Multiplayer Vs Singleplayer


You are in a Halo Infinite multiplayer match and you see a rocket launcher spawning in front of you. You charge towards it and you notice everybody around you is also rushing to pick it up. The tension is high and the race is on, as whoever picks it up first will quickly and swiftly destroy the rest. Your only hope at that point is to pray that you are the one who makes it first there. 343 Industries looked at that and thought “hmm? What if the player can pull that thing towards him/her, once in close proximity, instead of running the extra mile?” and so was born the grappling hook. Not really, no, I am pretty sure that’s not how the idea was conceived but let’s just call it food for thought.

There’s plenty of usage in the campaign as well but we’ll have to wait till December 8th to find out what. What we know is you can use it to disorient those annoying Jackal shields and you can pick up and throw explosive canisters and swoop onto vehicles and hijack them. 343 has mentioned that the grappling hook will come with its own upgrade tree. But judging by how fun and useful it is in multiplayer, I am sure single-player will be no different. I’d like to end by saying that if you happen to see a grappling hook in a match, available for pick-up. Go and pick it up and then your own creativity will be your limit.

I hope you are as eager as we are to jump into the campaign when it drops and hone your skills in the multiplayer day-in and day-out. Whatever the case may be, make sure to check out other Halo Infinite Guides here at GamerTweak, and we will shower you with all the Halo news and gaming news in general just like how Master Chief protects the Earth!