Steelrising Weapons Upgrade Guide

Learn how to Upgrade your Weapons in Steelrising from this guide.

Steelrising is an Action Role-Playing Souls-like Game created by Spiders. In this game, you play as Aegis, a Mysterious Automaton Masterpiece, & must confront the army of King Louis XVI who has suppressed the French Revolution with Bloodshed. You and your Allies must put a stop to him before it’s too late. As such, you will need good Weapons. In this game, Weapons are your tools of destruction. But at a certain point, they cannot dish out the damage needed. In this guide, I will show you how to Upgrade your Weapons in Steelrising.

How to Upgrade your Weapons in Steelrising

upgrade weapons steelrising

As you progress through Steelrising, you will gain various types of Weapons. Some will be strong and may become your Main Weapon. But after a while, these Weapons can handle the more formidable enemies. As such, upgrading your Weapons becomes necessary. To Upgrade your Weapons in Steelrising, you will need to find a Vestal. A Vestal is the respawn Checkpoint of this game. It functions similarly to other Souls-like games with their Bonfires, Sites of Grace, etc. A Vestal can be found at certain points in the game and you will come across it.

 vestal upgrade weapons steelrising

A Vestal looks like a Salon Chair in a Circular Cage. Interact with it and it will open up the Vestal Menu. Click on Upgrades & then select Weapons. Now it will show you the list of Weapons you have. Choose the one you want to upgrade & click on it. if you have the right resources then the Weapon will get upgraded. The common resource you will require for all upgrades is Anima Essence which you can farm off of your Enemies.

This was all about how to Upgrade your Weapons in Steelrising. Hopefully, This guide has helped you. You can also check out our other guides like How to Fast Travel in Steelrising.

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