How To Upgrade Polar & Devourer Gear In Project Slayers (With Locations)

Find out the location where you can upgrade your Polar and Devourer Gear sets in Project Slayers.

Project Slayers’ latest 1.5 update has brought a host of new features that players can experience. The introduction of Polar and the Devourer gear sets is one of the most sought-after items in the game right now. While the Polar series is an ice-born set of weapons and equipment that freezes opponents, the Devourer gear displays a demonic aesthetic with eyes and teeth all over. If you already have both of these gear sets, then you will need to upgrade them and maximize their total capabilities. Since the process is not explained in the game, we will help you out. Here is how to upgrade Polar and Devourer Gear in Project Slayers.

How to Upgrade Polar Gear in Project Slayers

polar gear upgrade location project slayers

Your Polar Gear can be upgraded by going to the Mist Trainer location in Project Slayers. You can teleport here with the help of the Horse Guy NPC, who had also helped you get the Polar Katana. Once you reach this location, you will need to follow the steps as mentioned in the video by clr below:

If you follow the steps above, you will reach the Mist Trainer’s workbench. You will be able to upgrade your Polar Gear in Project Slayers for 50,000 Wen and 1,000 Essence.

How to Upgrade Devourer Gear in Project Slayers

upgrade devourer gear location project slayers

To upgrade the Devourer Gear, you will need to head to the Devourers Jaw location in Project Slayer. You can teleport to this location by meeting the Horse Guy NPC. Once you spawn at Devourers Jaw, you just need to turn back and head towards the door. Here, you will find another NPC who will let you upgrade your Devourer Gear for 10,000 Blood. Now, here comes the hard part. Blood can only be earned by killing enemies or any NPCs in Project Slayers. Since each enemy kill gives you 1 Blood, you will have to kill 10 thousand enemies in total. It might sound difficult but here are some ways to earn Blood fast:

  • Farm Blood by killing NPCs at Cave 1 and 2
  • Clear the Infinite Dungeon NPCs to farm more Blood

That’s all you need to know on how to upgrade Polar and Devourer Gear in Project Slayers. While you’re here, check out more Project Slayers guides like this in our Roblox category.