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How To Easily Upgrade Ballplayers In MLB The Show 21

Do you wish to know how to upgrade your ballplayer in MLB 21? Check it out right here

Upgrading ballplayers in MLB The Show 21 will help you to get better in the game as well as have a set playstyle that will define your ballplayer in either Road To The Show or Diamond Dynasty modes. Having a certain type will help you progress much further in the game as well. If you wish to know how to upgrade your ballplayer in MLB The Show 21, then make sure to check it out right here.

How To Upgrade Ballplayer In MLB The Show 21


To upgrade your ballplayers in MLB The Show 21, all you have to do is press Square on PlayStation controllers or X on Xbox Controllers. This will take you to the Archetype program, here you check out all the challenges that you have for Road To The Show mode as well as Diamond Dynasty.

how to upgrade ballplayer in mlb the show 21
To upgrade ballplayer in MLB the show 21 you will need to complete Diamond Dynasty and RTTS missions

Completing these tasks for both modes will reward you with points, and while you will start with a bronze archetype in the game, with more points invested in proper areas, you will climb up the rarity ladder. Changing your archetype in MLB 21 will also change your position in the game.


This will help you to select a different role like the first pitcher, or second batter. Your archetypes determine your role within the team and if you think that the team needs a better player in a specific role, you can upgrade your ballplayer to suit that role.

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It will also help you to get ahead in RTTS mode in Diamond Dynasty and if you’re not starting out with your preferred team, you can perform better and get yourself drafted.


Completing both the Diamond Dynasty and Road To The Show missions will help you upgrade your ballplayer easily in the game. This is all there is to know about how to upgrade ballplayers in MLB The Show 21.

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