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Most Awaited Upcoming Xbox Series X Games

These upcoming Xbox Series X games, show the computing power and immersive qualities of the Xbox device.

Xbox Series X is going to be a colossal console with more power and graphic output than we’ve ever seen in a console in history. Along with the console, there will be a flurry of upcoming Xbox Series X games that are promising enough to take Microsoft’s device to the next level.

These upcoming Xbox Series X games, show the computing power and immersive qualities of the Xbox device, as always there will be a lot of attention when the release period of the console comes close and we’ve rounded up a list of the best upcoming Xbox Series X games.


These games are from all genres of gaming, not only the graphical output of the console is taken under consideration but also how it reacts to different games, and what experience do you get out of them.

You will see games like Cyberpunk 2077, Dirt 5, Tetris Effect: Connected, and many more that gives the Xbox Series X much more rounded experiences where you can play whatever you like to your heart’s content.

Upcoming Xbox Series X Games


Below are the best 5 games you will love to play Xbox Series X, the list will be updated soon with more games.

1. Halo Infinite


Halo Infinite is going to be the flagship game of the Xbox Series X console at launch, Xbox and Halo have had a history that is decades-long and it defines each Xbox console release that has taken place in the last decade.

Halo Infinite takes Master Chief’s story ahead as he is in search of Cortana, weaving through time and space to find her and rescue her from being corrupted. Halo Infinite will be available at the launch of the Xbox Series X console and we cannot wait for it.

2. Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2


If you have been fans of the original game Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice, this sequel will definitely take things up a notch. A horror story-driven with multiple layers of fear, anxiety, and confusion with all elements coming together to torture and disturb Senua as she seeks to find her lover.

Senua’s Saga: Hellblade 2 is hoping to take things further with more things combining to create a visual and aural experience that will scare the living spirits out of everybody. Senua’s Saga is aiming to be more than just a horror game and it certainly looks like it will cement its position as one.

3. Dirt 5

Dirt 5 is the ultimate off-road gaming experience where you get to race among the trickiest dirt tracks in the world. Explore the vast environment in heart-pumping action that is aimed at setting your pulse race until you cross over the finish line.

You also get to have voice-overs by two of the best artists in videogame history with Troy Baker and Nolan North taking center stage in this game. One of the best things about Dirt 5 is the fact that you can have a 4-way coop game with your friends right from your couch. Dirt 5 is one of the most awaited titles in racing that is scheduled to release near the launch of the Xbox Series X console.

4. Fable

Fable is getting a reboot with the new game coming out in the near future, with a new developer in the form of Playground Games. Fable is looking at stealing the hearts of its players with a mystical world that we’ve never seen before.

This new reboot will facilitate the series to be rewritten and made from the ground up so that future installments in the series can make use of the new hardware and technology bringing in new players that will experience the narrative for the first time.

The release date of Fable is still unknown but it surely looks like worth the wait.

5. Hitman 3

Agent 47 is back in this new sequel that will you all over the world, Hitman 3 is going to add new characters, new environment and a ton of new missions that will allow players to access the game at their own pace with their strategy.

No two playthroughs will be the same and this uniqueness has worked brilliantly for the Hitman series since its reboot. Hitman 3 will launch early next year which is hardly any waiting time for the players. Get ready to suit up and become a silent assassin who blends in easily without leaving a trail of evidence behind.

These are the best upcoming games for the Xbox Series X console, we will keep updating this list soon, so make sure to check out if your favorite game is featured or not. If we have missed out on any game that you would like us to add, let us know.

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