Untitled Goose Game Gets FREE Two Player Co-op Update

Honk with a friend!

Fans of Untitled Goose Game, rejoice! During the Indie World Showcase by Nintendo, it has been revealed that Untitled Goose Game will get a free local two player co-op mode on September 23, 2020. This means you can wreak havoc, honk with a friend and be annoying geese together. Call it Untitled Geese Game, if you will.

The newer goose is white but it has a defining feature that makes it different – its beak. Its honk is also different so that’s cool. When Untitled Goose Game released back in 2019, it received great reviews and became one of the hit games of the year. It received a lot of award nominations as well as awards which is a huge feat considering it was made by a small team. In case you don’t know about this game, it’s all about being a Goose who is a jerk with various stealth-based puzzles to solve. It became quite the phenomenon and many, many memes were created. With this local co-op multiplayer option that comes as a free update, things will get even crazier.

It will be great to see how your experience with the game will change with a friend. Why be a nuisance alone when you can be a nuisance with a pal, right? Looking forward to ruin everyone’s day in the game with my fellow Goose. This is cooperative mischief presented in the most slapstick way and we can’t wait to play it. Honk honk.

The developer, House House, will also release Untitled Goose Game to Steam and Itch. Plus, you can get the preorders for the physical boxed edition of the game for Switch and PS4 too.